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[CS:GO] Pioneer_Revamped


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Here's My map


Pioneer is a project that I worked on over the summer whilst I had some free time (quite a bit of it actually), and I was able to turn a bunch of Developer Textures of orange and grey into a semi-beautiful work of art. The layout is complete to an extent, and all I have remaining is work on the textures, visuals, skyboxes, etc.


I've come to map core seeking assistance in play-testing, feedback, and other potential help in improving this map and to help supply me with the much-needed motivation to once again continue working on it. 

I'm really desiring first a 5v5 to be played on the map, to get a true feel for how it would be played by skilled individuals that are familiar with using smokes, flashes, and other maneuvers to coordinate attacks on sites, and to shut them down while on the defensive.


I'm relatively new to the site, so please pardon me if I've stumbled upon the incorrect thread section of posting this in; I do not mind it being moved to where it needs to go.


Contact me at my primary email(s): bglanz15@gmail.com    hesperiam@yahoo.com

Add me on Steam to message there: hesperiam

or just drop a PM on here, or comment below!


Thanks for the help hombres,



p.s. the screenshots I've added were just before I released a huge map-change update; the current ones on my profile are before I added a newer tunnel/hallway, as well as substantial changes to the A bombsite.





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Looks... interesting. hard to tell from the overview provided but it looks like all corners are right angles?


I would suggest nodrawing the tops of brushes out of player view, would make the overview easier to look at :)

Thanks for the feedback you two, yes I know about the no draws I just never put them in. I'm really trying to find the motivations to start up on this again, and this is a good start.

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