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Into The War



Reed Gaming Studios would like to announce the release of our first PC game Into The War. Our original release date was aimed for Dec 15, but we have pushed back our release date due to the addition of a brand new set of character controls that should allow for much better gameplay.
Into The War is set to release Multiplayer Only in the First Quarter 2015. This will include 3 Game Modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. We will add many more game modes in the following months after release. Also we have decided to add Single Player and Co-op modes as well and hope to have those ready  by the 2nd-3rd Quarter of 2015. 
Current Features:
20+ Multiplayer Maps of different sizes and themes 
Over 6 Weapons 
Adjustable Key Bindings Screen Size and Graphical Settings. 
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. 
Coming Soon:
Single Player and Co-op with over 50 levels 
Smart AI mode for Servers 
Youtube and Facebook Integration 
Voice Chat 
Game Pad support 
Mobile App that tracks stats 
Current Gameplay:


Hope you guys can enjoy the game, every feedback to the game is welcome.
Into the war in Steam Greenlight
Reed gaming stuios Twitter:
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How do you stand out of all other fps games? What's yours ace in the pocket?

This game will take features from all the popular fps and combine them into one game that includes them all.

In order to create a game with the best features for the players we are accumulating opinion from people on which features of current fps they would like to see in Into the war, if you would like to contribute,every opinion is welcomed.



The current game play of the alpha version of the game:

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Shadows would be a nice feature :P

What i would like is low poly zombies. Don't care if it are sprites like in Doom. I just would like a game where like 1000 zombies are after me. :D


I am going to talk to the developer team to add this mode to the game!


You mean a mode like walking dead were players need to survive to zumbi apocalypse or something more like some free online fps were some players as zombies and the others as players and the players can get infected?

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What i would like is low poly zombies. Don't care if it are sprites like in Doom. I just would like a game where like 1000 zombies are after me. :D


I am going to talk to the developer team to add this mode to the game!


You mean a mode like walking dead were players need to survive to zumbi apocalypse or something more like some free online fps were some players as zombies and the others as players and the players can get infected?



I was thinking of just players v.s. AI zombies.

Before I explain further let me tell what I think about zombie games.


Killing Floor:

This game has a great weapon feeling. One of the best weapon feelings of any games I played. But there are 2 major things wrong with this game.

First is that the only objective is to kill the wave. I don't think wave's are bad but this game is about camping in a good spot instead of going from A to B. The camping makes it really boring. (I do think it's possible to have a good camping zombie game but killing floor failed on that). Second is the zombies, the zombies are so boring.

They walk to slow, I want fast zombies. O yeah another bad thing is the perks system, you level up, which gives you more damage etc. It can be really hard now to find a server with people of your own skill. If I join a server with people that are highest level then it's for me i'm shooting with a paintball gun.


Left 4 Dead 2:

This game is better. What I really like is the speed of the zombies. But I really dislike the weapon feeling. (I think the game/mod insurgency has one of the best weapon feelings I ever played). This is one of the reasons L4D2 is boring very fast. O yeah, I love that you can kick the zombies and that they fall and stand up again. That is really awesome.



Is this a zombie game? Ok, I really like the survival aspect. But there are to many developers working on that. And you guys need something different to stand out.

Still I want to say a few things. The amount of zombies make me cry. Hitting them 15 times with a melee weapon before they die makes me sad. The zombies are no threat, this is why everyone kills on sight. Not much else to do. Also the darkness sucks. If you disable dynamic clouds etc. and put the brightness all the way up then the night get's really bright. I used to go with a friend on a empty server, put the settings so the game was really dark. One of us would have a gas lamp. And by dark, it was so dark that if you put off the gas lamp the screen was just black apart from the hud (darker then realistic :) ). We then went to city's, you could hear the zombies around you but you only saw them when they where danger close. Damn that was scary :D


Project Zomboid:

Great game, bit like dayZ in 2d with base building and skills that you get over time. But zombies are to slow again. You can circle them till you have like a big group. If you then have a shotgun you can kill like 7 of them with 1 shot. A really nice thing is that all zombies stay on the ground. So after a while if you walk from some place to another you see dead zombies all over the floor (can be hundreds). In this game it's really shit to die / get bitten. In day-z you run just back in the hope you can get your gear back. In this game you loose all your skill. That means how fast you walk, how silent, what you can build, what you can cook etc. If you get bitten there is like a 4% change of survival. Every time I play this again I try to avoid zombies more and more.


Call of Duty ?:

This is really a long time ago but I used to do this sometimes over LAN with a friend. It was fun drinking beer, not much to it. It was camping until you killed enough so you had access to the next room. What I liked is that it was kind of hard. And that you could barricade the windows. That was basically what you had to do whole the time.


Dead Island:

I liked how they made the map feel a bit like a sandbox (still I would prefer a sandbox). For the rest, I enjoyed the game. It's not as addicting as Natural Selection 2 or CS:GO is for me. Just fun.



I think that's about it for what I played.


One more:


Brutal Doom:

It's not about zombies but it has some aspects I want to talk about. First, it feels nothing like doom, it's better, it's like doom made ready for 2014.

This game feels really cool. There is iron sight, normally i'm not a fan of iron sight but here it feels different and usefull.

Headshots do more damage. There are a lot of enemies, with good aim you get like 8 down in a few seconds :).

There is blood everywhere.


How I would like to see a zombie game:


In the start it’s like a regular day in gta. Only somewhere starts the outbreak and then hell starts loose. Everybody tries to get away and traffic jams etc. Pure chaos.


You don’t really have a objective apart from survival.

What will you?


You could rush to a supermarket to loot as much as possible before you lock yourself somewhere up. Or maybe go directly to your house. Or rush like the others outside the city.

If you survive the first day then the few after wouldn’t be that hard probably. Just stay at your “save place”. But then you run out of food, so you are forced to go out.

Do you go by day or by night? To the supermarket or will I break into houses to get food.


At this stage there are still really a lot of survivors that all have to look for food or water some day soon. Some might need medicine. You probably want to get yourself a weapon as well.

You have the kitchen knife, but can I go the the gunshop?

This will be the hardest stage in the game.


After a while you might have things coming together. Which is good cause soon there will be no electricity. And water might stop working so you need to build rain catchers.

Down side is building makes a lot of noise which attracts zombies.

And you really want to avoid zombies if you don’t have firearms. Even if it’s 1 zombie you want to run. And if you have a firearm, then the sound will attract so many zombies that running is probably still be better. O yeah, it will be all about headshots, just like cs:go.


At this stage, meeting players is more likely to team up as well since it means a higher change of survival. And since the game is so hard it’s very unlikely to have people team killing.

Later when your set up really well the goal can be to kill all zombies. You can use fireworks to attract them to a certain spot. Or shoot a car that has a car alarm etc. Build traps with gasoline. Or have a shitload of bullets.





Then for into the war. I won't see the above happening cause that will really require a lot of work.

Based on my estimation of what you guys can do here is the idea:


CO-OP, in a zombie setting where your team exists of a bunch of swat guys. You guys where together cause you where at work when the outbreak happened.

Now the job is to do whatever objective it is (more below).


Gameplay > Graphics.


This means really low poly zombies. This game is so cool that no one cares the zombies are ugly. Thinking about it, just go for sprites.


Skill > Noobs.


This game should be hard, that makes it more enjoyable over a long period of time. That way you can also become better.

To start you have to go from A to B for whatever reason.

For the rest it's really important to make good use of your ammo. To start 1 hit headshots unless it's a zombie with a helmet but they won't be there much. For body shots you need quite a few which is a waste of ammo. And you don't want to run out of ammo! This means, if you see a lot of zombies, when do you start shooting? Do I wait till they are so close that it's a headshot for sure? Or will I try to make headshots at midrange? Or will I try to avoid them?

-if you move you aim is less precise. This often means wasting ammo, but sometimes you have to... to regret later...

-some zombies are faster then you! Those are probably the ones you want to pick of at long distance.

-some zombies walk like there really drunk, making headshot more difficult.

-you can't run backwards, only walk backwards. This can make running quite scary if you run away for a zombie faster then you.

-if you are bitten or scratched you have to use a medpack, which can be really difficult if the situation doesn't allow to heal.

-if you are bitten you will turn into a zombie, no matter if you heal. Healing will just delay it. The only way to prevent turning into a zombie is reaching point B on time for anti biotics which puts some time pressure on.

-it's not about killing all zombies, it's about killing a lot of zombies to go to B, there should be strategies involved. Mostly ending up in the zombies going another way you want to go.


Maybe it's nice that the Swat team want's to go to the houses/offices of the wives and children to see if they are still there to save them. You have like 8 places to go and you start somewhere in the center of it so you can decide your own order.

As a side mission there could be civilian on the way as well.


I think the game should start at a crashed SWAT van. Zombies are coming slowly in small amounts. No need to use loud guns, this is the time to decide where to go first, a, b, c, d etc.


For classes if required:


Stealth: A single shot / burst gun with a silencer, and very limited ammo. It's about sneaking to a place and only taking out the zombies on the way required to go further. You can break the neck of a zombie if you get him from behind. That might alert other zombies within a certain radius. You also can get gasoline from cars, that is quite a time consuming job but it can really help to block alleys or attract zombies to a certain spot. Side arm is pistol.


Sniper: Well, I think we know what gun he will have :) Also quite limited ammo. But with a lot of ammo penetration when making headshot. This could mean 10 headshots in 1 shot if they line up well. With body shots the ammo penetration goes really down. The advantage from a street level position is that heads tend to line up faster. The advantage from an overwatch position is being able to protect your teammates better. The sniper has no side arm except for weapons you can find along the way such as metal pipes and kitchen knifes. (Maybe be able to duckttape a knife to the barrel)


Breacher: A loud gun with quite some ammo. But still an amount that you prefer to single tap and try to headshot. However, this is the gun to have in panic situations. However, since it's so loud you probably create a new panic situation by using it. This class can kick in doors and barricade doors / windows.

For the rest he has smoke grenades, which can block the view for zombies but it will attract zombies as well. They won't run but walk to it.

Then flashbangs, they can delay a running horde. If they get flashed they stop running until they have vision again. And then some exploding grenades (maybe the ones that don't kill :) ).


Other Class: I saw a grenade launcher in the video. Someone should have this as well. Not really a swat weapon but who cares :)


Then some other things. If you hit a zombie he should slow down for like 1 second. If you hit him in the leg then he keeps walking slower for an unlimited amount of time. This gives some advantage for shots other then headshots. If you kill a zombie without a headshot then it can be that he isn't dead. He could be passed out for a certain amount of time varying from a few seconds to a few minutes. This can be a real danger if you don't watch your back now and then.


Rubber bullets! Ok if your out of regular ammo you might have to go over to rubber bullets. Also this is limited. Body shots only slow down, and headshots knocks the zombie out. You can't kill anymore.


Skill could be used for some kind of matchmaking. Skill is based on headshots and wives/children saved. Skill is also per class.


This game should have a shitload of low poly cars. Like the road should be full with it.


Short, the game is fucking hard. The question is not if you will die, it's when you will die, and how you will die.

You can rambo at start if you wan't. It can be a lot of fun but soon you will run out of ammo. Different situations ask for different approaches.

It's a combination of stealth and rambo. Where if you meat a save place you have to wait till your heartbeat is at healthy level again.


If you guys won't make this then I will some day :)

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O yeah little more,

AI is also a problem if you wan't situations where there are over 200 zombies at you running at once.

To go a bit technical. I think zombies should be grouped based on how close they are to each other with a maximum amount for each group.

Every group has it's own AI, based on the zombie kind!! This means that faster zombies won't be grouped with slower zombies. Same for zombies that are shot. They will leave the AI group, might start running to you which triggers #% of the AI group they where first part of.


-If you shoot a zombie in the knee he becomes a crawler :)


-The sniper can choose to wound a zombie in the distance. The zombie might start screaming from pain so other zombies go to the sound.


-There should be a lot of different behaviours. Like in the example above 70% might go to the screaming sound. 25% Does nothing. And 5% walks the other way to get rid of the noise.


-Instead of zombies it could also be aliens. If you do aliens then it would be nice to have aliens that can walk over walls like the skulks in natural selection. This combined with flying aliens as well would make you wish for 360 degrees FOV.


-I really don't like special zombies in games. I know more people that feel this way. Like the witch in L4D2, I wish it was a one hit headshot and a few body shots but just more witches.

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