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de_caliche, a new map that my friend and I are working on

Bodd Jonar

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Just signed up to mapcore, forums is still confusing, but after months of work the layout of my map is finally done. Havent put down much work on details and textures yet, or even a mini-map. But I felt this urge to show it off and see what people think. Our inspiration was dust, dust2, mirage and District from cod 4, all promod fans should be happy about that. Bad looking gyazo pictures will have to do for now. This is the first time I am showing this many pictures to a forum. 



From above: http://gyazo.com/6d377ae9feb1bb6a5ca2b56cef8d3023


The numbers indicate where on the map any given picture is taken from. Numbers are written at the upper right corner. I hope I did them all right. 


Outside of B-site, from CT spawn. Number 1 on map. http://gyazo.com/e8e3db631bbe17814f8541dd191abaf5


Inside B-site, from catwalk, I'm standing on the T's entry to B-site. Number 2 on the map. http://gyazo.com/2d20dc01c6b172cf7449c1f642b7b439


A few meters back on the catwalk. http://gyazo.com/97ca0d938c979843e763f8d0191591fc


The tunnel that leads to the stairs. http://gyazo.com/ec39a7514bfc7a5b3a342e35839ba2eb


A few meters behind me is the T spawn, the double doors infront of me leads to mid, the tunnel leads to B-site as shown before. Number 5 on the map.



This is how it looks when T peek mid from mid doors, the CT will come from the doors across mid. Inspiration taken from long @d2 http://gyazo.com/b329daca2488a7ce1b555e9336fa3455


Outside in mid. At the right is B- site. Number 7 on map. http://gyazo.com/fa7355ebb8266688566263682207c80a


Picture 8.... >8< Back to T spawn, Dark at the left leads to A-site and mid ramp. http://gyazo.com/fc0631b5b6627d4bbf797cde07bd5751


Dark http://gyazo.com/90fe559afbb8d7a80f57ee0dd686f41b


Dark then leads down to here in mid: http://gyazo.com/4d861246a92ee947e532505bc80b40c5


at the right is a tunnel that leads to A site, if I continue up the ramp I come to mid. http://gyazo.com/19130ce9440e43b1c1bbb2cc6d4656ea


Lets go back to Dark, from T spawn, picture 8, 4 rows up, you can see that dark opens up another path, the light at the end of the tunnel, I am standing there now. http://gyazo.com/8a91e8b0818ec17837662a506421e289 This is number 12 on the map.


The stairs at the right is the connector to MiD. T's have three ways into mid, via double doors, for that fast pick mid, via ramp and via this connector. The connector takes the longest time of them all, but it is also the safest. At the left is the entrance to A site. http://gyazo.com/d96c0f5029eff78f57db15735fab2329


from above! http://gyazo.com/574a6d27ab84304076dc10b9ace79851


A-site! Remember the tunnel in mid, there u have it again! http://gyazo.com/8438799b542fb8266b61605b0641cdc5


So T's have two ways into A site, tunnel and from upper. Going mid and tunnel can be risky tho. It is all about that mid control. 


From ct's perspective, T comes from the entrance at the other side. CT's can go into the app at the right, or cover from site. http://gyazo.com/66a3a16939550534f8216f752e7bc758


This area connects mid and A-site for the ct's: http://gyazo.com/4d496d1379492ac44548ced4756ae238 Number 15 on the map. 


Some bonus pics: http://gyazo.com/4981408374fd6148198a8656e203983f

 @connector: http://gyazo.com/3d8f732c7e9daa30c5294a116a449b86


B-app http://gyazo.com/66e795fedc71c78bbf2bf83538c5de56


This one brings back memories: http://gyazo.com/7262a556cc888a3361b1241c4c5f74f5


So, what do you think? It's hard to critize your own work because you always like your own children the best. 

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