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First Map "Alpha" stage - CS:GO


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Hey Mapcore, i was directed here from Reddit r/Hammer and r/GlobalOffensive. I have recently created a rough "alpha" stage to my first map idea. I am EXTREMELY new to mapping and all of these communities, but i want to learn more. As of late i dont know how to get really good screenshots, but i do have one from Hammer. if you have any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a top doen view, made in paint (lol): http://imgur.com/wnNb8N7


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Your map looks very small at this stage, and A looks extremely vulnerable compared to B. My first piece of advice is to use the various wall/reflectivity dev textures instead of the grids. For me at least, it makes it a TON easier to judge distance and make estimates.


Next; you should do a few timing runs. That means, you keep track of the time it takes the player to get to various points on the map while running with a knife out. The speed of a knife wielding player is about 250 units/second but I just round up to 256 and make adjustments to chokepoint design if the extra 6u/s makes a difference, which normally it does not.   


Then play around with bots to get a rough idea of where cover should be placed. Also, learn how to make level overviews, because those are much easier to look at than an angled hammer screenshot.  


Also someone helpfully provided me with this: http://csgo.99damage.de/de/statics/rushtimings

It's tremendously helpful but I have found some minor inconsistencies, so treat it like any other internet resource. 

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