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MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest Playtest Server

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In case you missed the article I've setup our very own Quake 3 server. We can use this for play-testing and hosting games. So if your map is ready for play-testing please leave a reply here with the latest version (download link) and I'll upload it. Make sure that it's server ready. Meaning it needs to contain all the necessary files, a level shot, bot file and so on. If you just want to play you can find it here:




All submitted maps are uploaded. If you want to test them with friends here's the info to run the server

You can login with /rconpassword 1162577


Other useful commands:


/rcon map mapname

/rcon addbot botname skilllevel 1-5 meaning /rcon addbot bones 2


Let me know if you need a new version of your map uploaded. Keep submitting guys and get your friends to play-test!

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Hey guys,


I have some problems getting the maps to run on the server. I've opened a support ticket over at the host, I'll report back once I know more. Feel free to add your map to this thread though.


Also, if you have a revision please update your post and reply that there's a new version.





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Ok, the maps are on the server. BUT...the server doesn't do auto download so make sure the .pk3's above are already in your baseq3 directory otherwise you can't play.

Let me know if this works for everyone.

Remember, I'm also figuring this out as we go a long :)

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Here's a version of my level, sadly no bot support at the moment. Having issues with compiling it (see my thread for more info). 



Edit: thanks fKd for spotting the errors quickly!  Tested in wrong Q3, and it went for the uncompressed version. Updated the file and will look into the missing textures tomorrow (which is weird because the same textures is showing on other places,,,)


Edit2: Found why there was missing textures, missed the q3map2 shader file. I hope that was all of the missing textures.

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