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WIP Defuse map - Feedback


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Hello Mapcorians,


I'm sorta new here and just wanted to post a cs:go map I've been working on. I've primarily been working on solidifing the layout as it's been though many reiderations already, the lastest showing signs of promise. I'd really like to log more time playtesting before I start on any real art passes and theming of the level.


I've collaborated with a few of my buddies that play competitivly to work out the timings and understand that nothing is set in stone.


a few things to note about the level:


  • There are 3 major routes with a upper level cooridor that can be used to rotate between bombsites.
  • If both teams head for bombsite A it must be fought for, much like bombsite B on Dust II. Teams can reach the main room at B bombsite at about the same time depending on their spawn point. There are some minor alternate routes that can be used to access B and spread the opposing team out. 
  • Bombsite B can be setup and protected by CT's very quickly. This will force the T's to tacfully breech that site or rotate to A site if heavly guarded and defended.
  • There are 2 flanks that CT's can hit T's with at both sites. If they use the upper cooridor through the B site stairs they can flank T's heading to the B back hall. If they go through Mid they can flank T's that are heading to A.
  • Nav mesh has been tweeked but bots will be bots... CTbots usually stick togehter an go one route instead of splitting up and protecting sites each site as they should.
  • The current lighting is just temporary placeholders so players can see.
  • The map will take place mostly underground facilioty with some mini vistas to the skybox.
  • Again, please keep in mind that NO art pass has been done yet.  This is simply to test the layout. Cover crates will be replaced with models and textures will be custom made. (if there are any texture artist that would like to help with the level please shoot me a PM)
  • I already have an idea for the theme, I will release that info once the layout gets locked.


Link to workshop page:



I'd very much like to get a good 5v5 going to playtest. If you are interested, please sub to the map and play offline with bots or with friends to familiarize yourself with the routes and layout. Maybe later this week or over the weekend we can organize a proper 30 min playtest.


Please let me know what you think.








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Ok, we had a playtest today, thanks again everyone for your time and input. I've included a transcript of the sidechat in the spoiler code in effort to continue some of the points that were made. I've also uploaded the demo files (a little forewarning, I got seriously owned on my own map and is tough to watch...i blame my 180 ping ;-). If your forum name is different than your csgo name please let me know so I can put a forum name to a game alias:


Some of my main takeaways from the first playtest:

  • Too many routes.
  • B bombsite is hard to cover.
  • Lots of angles (too many?)
  • Wider corridors


g R n FUBAR BUNDY: I got fairly lost here
Vaya: mid and more mid
KernalPanic: mid splits off to both sites
co.bra: can you smoke off the vent without peaking?
Deh0lise: middle is very complicated imo
Vaya: yeah was just going to say that. Lots of up and down and all around to check.
Deh0lise: I like glass, but make it thicker so it penetrates
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: b is really, really open …
Mvllsk: yea you can probably get rid of a few corridors
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: right now as st’s we can totally get flanked while covering it
Guma: I suggest remove upper parts ABOVE bombsite
Exodus: same with holding the site when bomb is planted
Guma: Around it is fine
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: it may be your intention but it’s different from most maps
Guma: Cause then you can smoke it.
Mvllsk: you can keep the stairs at B but make it a dead end platform
Not an area to push from
Exodus: you really need to change the 64 height things
`RZL: I think you overdid it with all those paths
Exodus: plateau at B for example
`RZL: its run and gun at the moment
Exodus: so many angles
Guma: dude im literally COD:AW’ing in those vents with the awp
That running speed
Mvllsk: I mean the map definitely has some cool areas
I like mid to A
Exodus: I think it would be still good playable if some ways would be cut off. Does need as many ways.
Deh0lise: +1 to that

[T's beat CT's : 8-4] half over

Guma: how much fkin angles are there?
I peek and get meat-grinded from like 8 angles
Slippy Toad: one thing, its really hard to see CT’s in the vent
'RZL: if we just suck we would get a 8:4 score
Vaya: T’s have a tough time on here
Deh0lise: I like the bombsites despite the many paths
Will be nice once it is fixed
Deh0lise: a good layout
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: b has some “charm” but it’s sooo difficult to defend
Exodus: like the layout as well, but needs more love
Deh0lise: wider corridors too
Vents should be closer to T’s if they’re for them it’s hard to get to them
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: oh vents are for t’s?
Deh0lise: Or just for retake?
That’s strange
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: maybe we shouldn’t mix the teams at half.
Exodus: did we?
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: guess so…no idea
Slippy Toad: some ppl chose the same team others not.
I guess
Exodus: meh
g R n FUBAR BUNDY: the room’s design is really different from usual cs stuff, right?

[CT's rekt T's : 8-0]

Guam: dat balance
Vaya: good map less complex pls.
Deh0lise: yup, has nice spots
Slippy toad: yes fewer paths plz


Link to csgo dem file: (native attachment uploader would not let me upload it..) http://1drv.ms/1tPmDCs


Also can a mod, please rename this thread title to "de_contagion - WIP CS:GO - Feedback Please".  I didn't see a way to do that and when I had created it I didn't have a name. This level will be a high security infectious disease laboratory so my first crack at the name will be de_contagion . It should help identify this thread and the work I continue to do on the level.


thanks again everyone.

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I've got to be honest- while I think the amount of paths and angles is too high - I wouldn't know which ones to remove. It's complex but very intricate with it.


Maybe look at simplifying areas by removing the 'fat'? there is a lot of areas that seem to exist for the sole reason of supporting features that could easily by moved to connect to already existing areas.


For example- the room leading to vents could easily be removed and the vent could be connected directly to the main corridor with a 90o join. That would reduce the angles leading into vent by 2.

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I liked some ideas but the map is very complicated, imo you'll have to give it more thought, redo some connections and simplify it.


-A route has two huge rooms that were hardly used and need to be reshaped.

-The B T route had two paths that made it harder to defend and complicated it too much

-I liked the L shaped glass (I've just seen the log, I meant make it thinner in order to wallbang), being able to shot enemies in the corner was cool, but you'll have to make sure to adjust bottom angles, people get killed without being aware and may have a hard time depending on the situation.

-Many corridors should be wider

-I like the platform idea on A with the bottom wider path and top stairs (CT side), but the Ts entrances felt weird and way too narrow. As CT I confused some Ts by peeking both sides and playing nades several times (they get overwhelmed before peeking to the entrance and are stuck in a small room).

-You could probably reduce the distances players have to travel until they fight, move spawns and also reduce the size of some rooms, which are just huge.

-The bottom room of A could be an interesting middle, the current one is boring and underused. I'd think about moving A closer to B and play with that area as a mid.

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