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Microbrush 3 (brush modeler for HL2)

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A new version is available for download. * Added a tool to switch render modes * Added a tool to layout views * Added a better font * Thinned viewport borders * Polished some things This is from a sc

Now this was quite a bit of work... Clipping is coming as intended. The two different patterns you see in the selection mask on the right side indicate two different selection sets that you c

A brush in this context is just a graphical primitive of which you use many to build game levels.

From the conceptual viewpoint, it's just a set of planes that intersect with each other, and what you see are the polygons computed from that. (Each plane denotes an infinite half space with a solid side and an air side, and the resulting shape is the intersection of the solid sides of those half spaces.)

Because of how it is computed, it can't have a concave shape, so it can't have a face that looks like the letter L.

Cutting a brush in pieces just means copy-pasting it and adding new planes to the original and the copy.

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