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Microbrush 3 (brush modeler for HL2)


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@Steppenwolf: The editor's API can save and load the editor's own proprietary binary format. In the tools folder, there is a conversion tool that can read and write this and the VMF format.

When saving via the API call, you can configure it so that the calculated polygons are saved into the file too so they are available for conversion.

So yes, later on it will make a lot of sense for me to add such widely accepted formats as a conversion target, and the infrastructure is there and working already. :3

@nicoreda: Unfortunately, the big advantages of these graphical primitives that actually represent 3D volumes are in danger of being forgotten... a peek at the new Source 2 engine (DOTA 2) shows that they are now using meshes for everything, which is kinda sad. But I'll continue supporting brushes with this tool. :3

@Castle: Haven't heard of TrenchBroom before, but that one looks interesting too.

There's a predecessor to this new editor: http://shrinker.beyond-veils.de/projects/Microbrush2/

And to that, there is a predecessor too: http://shrinker.beyond-veils.de/projects/Microbrush/


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New maintenance release: http://shrinker.beyond-veils.de/projects/IterationX/Microbrush3/

- when quitting with at least one view open, it now asks if you really want to

- fine-tuned the grid a bit

- can now reliably merge a big load of brushes (fixed the algorithm)

- brushes not affected by an operation are not mysteriously hidden anymore under some circumstances

- turned off the render data cache by default, then verified: It can handle more than one million brushes in a world. :)

Yes, one million, because why not. :D

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Go for Microbrush-3-wip-2014-12-17.2.zip, just fixed a configuration mistake preventing the toolbar from working right. :/ Sorry.

Hm, I only have capabilities to support the Windows platform at the moment. But because the editor uses bare Win32 API, OpenGL and .Net, it should be possible to run it with Mono and Wine.

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Had an idea for some kind of Lego budgeting plugin, and this is the experimental result. :D

This is the first time I've done some actual analysis of the world contents and reacted to it. The plugin can identify and count the different brick types, and the knobs are not generated inside of bricks. Also, the grid is easily configured to represent the proportions of normal Lego bricks.

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