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Control point map out on PTR today, set in Busan, Korea! Each 3 points feature a different distinct theme: City, Temple and MEKA Base. The design of each point should feel very different with varyin

Started to post some of my environment work, today is ilios  Remember that our maps are made mostly by Mapcorians and they are a team effort! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/25bng

So happy to finally get this out there . The response at blizzcon and online has been incredible. I'm up in the clouds right now haha.   For you guys wondering which mapcore people are working on th

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“A third said they and their partner stopped talking about having kids because they knew they wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

Stuff like this really bums me out. Having to choose between the reason many people feel we are really put on Earth, or chasing your own personal creative dreams. Dark stuff.

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16 hours ago, Minos said:

Was super fun to work on this one, the first map we made completely WFH. It is a truly Mapcore special.


Oh my, when the Jeff mentions Mazy joined the team I was like "what is he talking about, Mazy has worked there since forever"... in my head I had swapped Mazy for Philip 😅

Very cool looking map, as usual. Some areas are really inspiring :ninja:

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11 hours ago, El Moroes said:

Ahaha, sounds like I know these names ^^ 


I think I'll buy your game one day, not for playing it (to be honest it's not my cup of tea in term of gameplay) but "just" to walk in the levels you guys made because on art side, I really really love what I see. 

Do it! It's a very relaxing experience to fly around the maps by yourself. The sound team does an amazing job, which is not very noticeable when you are playing the game.

Found a good video where you can hear the audio pretty well:


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