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Just played it yesterday after not playing since season 2 started. Holy crap a lot has changed! Still so freaking fun, I have to watch myself or else I will lose my weekends :X

I think I need to look up some videos. It seems like so much has changed since I stopped playing that I'm being a bit of a burden on my teammates unless I choose Winston who seems to have a relatively similar play-style to when I last played.

Any recommendations for youtube channels or videos I can catch up on everything for 20 mins during my lunch hour?



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He looks so cool, can't wait to see his gameplay!

His face reminds me of some Dreamwork character for some reason, can't remember which one

but I might be dreaming... anyways back to work

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11 hours ago, [HP] said:

Controversies aside (lol), I'm stoked to see this much buzz about hero 31.
He deffo shakes things up, when he makes it to live along with roll queue, it'll for sure give competitive a neded facelift! Crazy how much a new tank changes the dynamic of the game.


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