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25 minutes ago, Minos said:

By the way, we are looking for another architecture artist. This entails taking level design blockouts from start to finish and BSP mapping experience is a plus :) Apply here: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/careers/posting.html?id=16000RB

Nice one guys! Good luck in your hunt :)

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Well it would be a shame. Not that the game won't survive with its stock maps and all the future free updates but TF2 survived very long thanks to that and the community created content.



And I also fking want to make one !

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16 hours ago, Jetsetlemming said:

It's a new engine they made just for Overwatch, apparently, so I doubt this would be coming any time soon, unfortunately.

Why would a new engine prevent that from happening? Considering the stabilization in gui frameworks over the last decade a new engine would have the potential to have a pretty nice editor.

I suppose considering it's Blizzard they might not want to expose their dev tools unless they are really slick.

While I'm complaining I would LOVE if they would release a server so I could spin up an instance like a quake/halflife server. I've had some really terrible net performance the last couple weeks in this game. 



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