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Control point map out on PTR today, set in Busan, Korea! Each 3 points feature a different distinct theme: City, Temple and MEKA Base. The design of each point should feel very different with varyin

Started to post some of my environment work, today is ilios  Remember that our maps are made mostly by Mapcorians and they are a team effort! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/25bng

So happy to finally get this out there . The response at blizzcon and online has been incredible. I'm up in the clouds right now haha.   For you guys wondering which mapcore people are working on th

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Hidden message says "buy loot boxes".

I gave competitive another chance as I would like to get a golden hook but I think this was enough to seal the deal. First one we lost and I had all 5 gold medals for our team, which made me a little upset but I shouldn't expect to one-man carry so that's fine. Next game the teams are horribly stacked as we're all randoms versus a 2 man and 3 man queue, but we actually win it pretty hard... until someone disconnects and then we lose. So, I notice when my team disconnects I still lose a shitload of rank, which is in stark contrast to when the enemy team ALL LEAVES and I get 5% of the rank for winning. This is completely ass backwards.

I don't really enjoy competitive. It seems to go against every every design principle of this game for DIGITAL SPORTS. It makes a feel-good game with a positive loop feel like a constant kick in the ribs, especially when every game is full of horrible players (in terms of personality) and it provides open insights into how utterly broken the ranking system is. Back to quick match for me. If you want to give me 300 points just let me know.

The Blizzard polish seems to have all been chipped off this last patch and it's unfortunate. UI VFX lingering during screen fades, popping back into the game after rounds end, lots of interfaces fighting for your attention at the end of a match, UX being really bad in places (the alert telling me I can leave the game after my team mates leave is drawn on top of the overtime display ffs). Would be nice to see that stuff fixed up. Just feels like it lost something in the updates.

Also, DotA does that "you can now leave" thing... but in DotA you can actually leave. In Overwatch you're still going to lose rank so why even bother displaying it?

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1 hour ago, Taylor said:

jk played another one anyway. 


I don't know if this was just the servers being awful. But apparently players can crash the server in Nepal.

That has been fixed and the people who did it were banned. Swift justice.

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The team's reindhardt knocked over the enemy team on the point, I use my deadeye and locked onto most of the enemy team. Ready to fire, then a genji comes out of the floor and deflects every shot.

Flipped my fucking desk.

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2 minutes ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Not this year, but has been for a couple decades and will be again in 2020 in Tokyo. Besides, the Overwatch event isn't officially Olympic.

It's a cash grab.

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7 hours ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Not this year, but has been for a couple decades and will be again in 2020 in Tokyo. Besides, the Overwatch event isn't officially Olympic.

Not official, only heavily implied with just about everything in the event trailer, from the rio carneval drums to the logo :-) Weightlifting, football and track are all classics, with each character being perfectly thematically correct both to their individual design as well as home country. I think they did a good job!

Didn't actually know that baseball had been at the olympics, so we might see baseball zen at some point then!

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Yeah, Baseball was an Olympic sport as recently as 2008. They replaced it with golf in 2012, which is just kinda silly. Who the hell wants to watch Olympic golf? All the best golfers are pros, and pros can't take part in the Olympics, and it's a not a team sport. Baffling, imo. Good thing they're going back on that for 2020.

Not sure if it's just luck or w/e, but I've run into so many more people in comp who have a "main" hero and don't switch off lately. Tons and tons and tons of dedicated genjis (they seem to have replaced the constant Reapers for some reason?), but also people who play Bastion on both sides are really common.

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10 hours ago, (HP) said:

I've made it to 63, now I'm down to 60!! 


I'm making it my life's task to make it to 65, lol.

I was about 2-3 consecutive wins from 65. Now I'm 61. Eh what can you do, luck has not been on my side the past few days. Losing in overtime time after time is pretty frustrating honestly.

Might be able to reach 300 CP even if I don't reach 65 though. Haven't decided which golden weapon to buy, but I'm leaning towards Zarya or D'Va, even though I don't play them very often. Most DPS golds just look bland, except for perhaps reaper with his crow skin.

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