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Control point map out on PTR today, set in Busan, Korea! Each 3 points feature a different distinct theme: City, Temple and MEKA Base. The design of each point should feel very different with varyin

Started to post some of my environment work, today is ilios  Remember that our maps are made mostly by Mapcorians and they are a team effort! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/25bng

So happy to finally get this out there . The response at blizzcon and online has been incredible. I'm up in the clouds right now haha.   For you guys wondering which mapcore people are working on th

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1 minute ago, Taylor said:

So far I've played two competitive matches and screamed at my computer once.

I have never seen players this bad before.

Lmao, keep playing, as you go up in the league and weed out the beginners, you'll be matched against better people.

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Played about 7 games of competitive so far so haven't got a rank yet but I've only won one game. 5 of the games we've been completely stomped and the other one we lost we played Hollywood. Both teams defended the first point convincingly so obviously it'd be fair to just flip a coin and see who defends it again in half the time. Who's idea was it to implement sudden death like this?! Might as well just flip the coin and say the defenders win. Surely KOTH would be a fairer way to sudden death?

Anyway, I dunno if we're just matching with some hardcore players but damn we can't even get onto points. I think we need to choose the favoured classes and not choose D.Va's, Zenyattas etc.

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same here but I've only lost once(we had a group of 5 people), strangely enough those matches seemed way too easy.

and I play lúcio and zenny most of the time, lúcio is a must on KOTH to get to the control point asap. The team that gets it under control first has a great advantage, obviously.

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