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Picked this up yesterday. Overwatch feels like a different game than during the betas.

Now that people actually know how to play their heroes properly ( usually on the opposing team... ) it feels like the game has shifted it's gear. Shit's happening all around you and don't know how to react.

I like that though, it makes me push myself to perform better. Most victories seem like earned ones rather than just being handed over from the incompetence of the other team.

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Why on earth does Overwatch only let you use one unique voice line, it would make much more sense if the game randomly selected one line from all you've unlocked each time you select that option, instead of you having your character spout the same voice line until it burns into your ear.

Just add a 'random' option to the voice line selection like they've done with highlight intros.

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4 minutes ago, Taylor said:

The bug with Roadhog ult making me randomly look at the ceiling is getting really annoying.

Does it just snap to the ceiling?

Because that ult has a insane amount of recoil.

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      Hello everybody!
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      I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
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