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45 minutes ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Like I said, when Junkrat's ult works it works really well, but its incredibly fragility puts it in a skill level that seems pretty out of place with the rest of the game. Nobody else has to work quite that hard, not for an ultimate. 

Not sure that's true, many ultimates rely on precise timing to work (Phara needs to wait for people to be busy or she gets shot down, McCree fails a lot of times because enemies get a chance to move out of view, etc.) and Junkrat's falls into that same category. Trigger it while your team does a push, and not too far from the enemy team so they don't have time to fall back or disperse, and you have as much chance than those other heroes with timing-based ultimates I think. Also the fact that you can keep operating it even after having died means you can do like the other heroes and trigger it in the urgency of an intense battle by sacrificing yourself for the big payoff.

I'm more annoyed by Reinhart's ultimate that has the nasty habit of not hitting enemies clearly in its range, because the ground effect does not match 1 to 1 the actual people that are going to be affected (especially on stuff like stairs and slopes) so it's quite annoying to trigger it with 3 people in view to try and save the day and only hit the first one because he's on the exact same plane as yourself.

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16 minutes ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Yeah, but Pharah and McCree's ults can do something, just not the full effect, if they get shot in the middle of it, it isn't an all-or-nothing, that's what I mean. There's no partial effect for Junkrat, like there might be if the tire exploded when shot.

Fair point, but I think that's balanced by the fact that if he fails he doesn't necessarily dies, so can keep playing without respawning at the other side of the map like those other heroes. Anyway, I guess I'm not particularly concerned about his ult, I do fail them from time to time but I manage to get kills with most. I think allowing it to explode on getting shot would break the risk/reward system in place here, where you've sometimes got 1 or 2 characters in range but they're shooting at the tire and you have to decide whether to push forward and potentially blow up more of them, at the risk of getting shot and doing nothing, vs. blowing it up now and having those kills for sure. That sort of quick decision making is important for the game to stay interesting me thinks

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Mmh, I think the partial effect is that you are not dead (probably). It's very hard for some people to solo the tire, it does more damage than anything but D.va's mech, and the long duration means the enemy team are scattered for a long time after its announcement. It has outplay potential because it is so disastrous when used correctly. During a fight on an objective it's absolutely lethal because people can't split their time between attackers and the instant kill wheel that has a blast radius larger than the point/payload.

Anyway, I recorded 30m of footage to test OBS so have an extremely shitty 44s video of some hooks I did.


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11 hours ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Junkrat is super fun and personable, but his ultimate kinda blows (lol pun). Sure, if it goes well it almost always gets Play of the Game, but you can actually just shoot the fucking thing and it dies almost instantly. It doesn't even explode on death if it's shot. They should probably change that because having your ult literally do NOTHING is really frustrating. Even when McGee gets shot during Deadeye he gets to keep 50% of his ult meter. Either give it more health (it is a rubber tire after all, not like it's something fragile), or probably better, make it blow up when shot, imo.

Back in the beta, junkrats ult had a lot less health but it would blow up if it got shot by the other team. But that made it way too powerful of an ult.

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23 minutes ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Lol like I'm gonna listen to anybody talk about anything this minor for forty minutes

Hideo Kojima knows how to be timely better than this dude

Don't worry, after I listened to the entire thing, it was mostly just him repeating himself several times, hardly agreed with his stuff either.

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10 hours ago, tomm said:


I'm surprised he said Torbjorn sentries are a problem, because I've found that the reflect move works really well on them, since they can't stop shooting when they see your pose change. Last night I blew up a sentry right after he triggered his ult by reflecting the shots, and it felt pretty goddamn good. :v 

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Thanks! I think I liked the previous ones a little better, if only for the D.va at the end, but I edited this together because of the Tracer calling bullshit was very amusing to my friend and I.

Once you chain them you need to left click and melee asap, ideally you should also walk forwards a little but I often don't. It should do 200 damage before they leave the stun, but if they're mashing an escape sometimes they'll get away (like the Reaper).

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I've been playing some D.va recently, trying to add her to my primary role of tanking it up. My thoughts on her being "underpowered" are that she mainly needs better feedback that she's being useful. Tanks like Reinhardt and Roadhog are very obvious, Winston is more of a shocktroop but you know when he's doing things right, Zarya can seem a bit useless at first, but 100% beam and clutch shields make it hard to deny she is powerful.

With D.va it's all a bit ambiguous to me. You can absorb Pharah ultimate, Zarya's ultimate projectile, etc. and it's just a little blue beam only you see and nothing else. I thought her "nope!" was a sign she had blocked something, but I think actually one of her eject quotes for the enemy team. It would be nice if her E gave her something directly as a reward that looped back into her other functions while it was on down time: actual damage afterwards, fly recharge, overshields, etc. but at the very least it would be nice if there was some "hey, I helped" feedback. If it was popping off like the last Starfighter and she emoted for hitting damage block targets or significant weapons (Hanzo arrow, for example), that alone would make her feel like a more meaningful contributor than a bullet sponge who gets to self-destruct twice a round and hope she gets PotG.

Of course, maybe I'm missing the point completely. The way I've been playing her is basically harassment, ideally you want to get people to focus you, then start absorbing shots while your team mates do the work. A ghetto Reinhardt but flying in from weird angles. In a big skirmish you'll just die doing this, so I tend to peace out a lot. I find she's also good for going after snipers and turrets sometimes, usually not diving across no mans land for them of course, and I guess her constant suppressing fire is a'ite. 

I'm not sure how much her headshot hitbox matters, she feels tanky and has a lot of armour, but I hear the main side effect is you charge enemy supers really fast. I certainly feel like Roadhog is a better bullet sponge for raw damage.

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