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So happy to finally get this out there :). The response at blizzcon and online has been incredible. I'm up in the clouds right now haha.


For you guys wondering which mapcore people are working on this, we're actually a pretty small environment team of 5, 3 of which are mapcore members (Philipk, HP, and me).

There's a bunch of environment screenshots released in the presskit. I found this website which collected them:




Hope you guys like it!!

Good job guys, they look gorgeous, top notch maps! I specially liked the japanese one, that colour palette is not usual but looks great and feels cosy :D

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I'm loving the art direction. The Japanese setting looks so good I want to lick it, and I'm really digging the "neo-London" theme.


Not really my type of game, but I'm always open to try new ones even though I got quite sick of TF2 and mobas.


PS. personal gripes: I'm sorry, was the horrifically bad english "street urchin" accent necessary? And they couldn't have made Reaper's guns look any more useless in the cinematic.

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Haha yeah that English girl was so annoying. Nobody, NOBODY says 'loves', plural, here in the UK. It was such a terrible, clichéd version of an English person :P


Just watched the cinematic, looked cool! Very Pixar esque.

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