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7 hours ago, spence said:

Yeah, we couldn't quite figure out what an appropriate counter is to her ultimate besides not getting caught in it - which is difficult, given that it has almost no feedback or warning beforehand (unlike most of the other ults). 

Would be nice to have a hero working with pyrotechnics, maybe able to use their regular attack to prevent teamamtes freezing or just thawing them out

But aside that, I'd say that Mei's freeze attack should be based on how much health the hero has, so say for example that in order for Mei's attack to freeze someone, it has to take 50% of the enemy's max HP (not counting extra shield or armour given) This would mean that Mei can still server her purpose as a counter to fast moving and hard to hit heroes as they tend to have as little as 200hp while meaning that a 600hp tank is not frozen in a couple seconds and cheaply killed off.

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OK, that's it... I'm getting this. :) I have far too much to play (and have a new baby to look after, but heck there's always 1am - 5am) ...Uncharted 4, Doom now this... At first I was put off by how close some of the weapons/classes and env style seemed to be to my all-time-love TF2 (engineer sentry, demo pipebomb, etc) but it looks like they've taken it in a different direction and I just looooooove the look of the environments every time I see a new level.

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      Hello everybody!
      I'm creating a map (based on the Maginot Line) for the Wingman's Contest - provided by Source Engine's Discord.

      I started the map 3 weeks ago and I'm on the detailing phase, slowly progreeding area by area, worried with the time left. I decided to follow this strategy: detail 75% of every area and after that (and gaining some time) I'd put some final touches + polishment + optimization.  

      I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
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