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It's fine that they won't talk about it. I mean, why should they? There are tons of other games that got cancelled and you almost never hear why. But I do wonder how much of Titan is in Overwatch? I'm not saying Overwatch feels rushed or anything like that. But I just feel as if they brought in a lot of designs from Titan. I don't know why really. It would make the cancellation less painful for them I suppose.

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On 4/22/2016 at 3:25 PM, JohnnyDavids13 said:

Well I mean, they spent so much time working on it, and they probably don't want to discourage anyone on the Titan team by talking about this massive failed project. It isn't good for morale.

I think it would be fine now that Overwatch is looking like a big success. 

Just saw this on the subreddit (which is getting fucking huge). Looks insane


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Pre-purchased this yesterday too :) 

Couldn't decide if I'd go with the CE version or not. Price tag is kinda high, but I really want that artbook :D

Went with Origins instead, fingers crossed the artbook will be available seperately too at some point ...

PS: Squad#21213

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