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The "Play of the game" are pretty bad haha. I'm sure this will get made to work with a more deserving play but currently it is rather funny. I made a 32 man kill streak as Soldier: 76 and had 16 objective kills (I was on Defence) and at one point found myself holding the first point alone against 5 of their players and succeeding (the biotic heal is a godsend) without hitting my "Q 2 w1n key". Guess who gets play of the game? Junkrat. How did he get play of the game? He blew himself up with his own exploding tyre. I'm positive the only reason he got that is because he pressed q. He was infront of an enemy Reinhardt and it caught him in the blast.

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      Hello everybody!
      I'm creating a map (based on the Maginot Line) for the Wingman's Contest - provided by Source Engine's Discord.

      I started the map 3 weeks ago and I'm on the detailing phase, slowly progreeding area by area, worried with the time left. I decided to follow this strategy: detail 75% of every area and after that (and gaining some time) I'd put some final touches + polishment + optimization.  

      I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
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