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First new Blizzard IP in, what? 15 years? :)






Looks pretty dope, I think Blizzard doing a TF2 style team based game is a good match (with all dem other eSportsy games they're doing). I assume this is the action portion of Titan, and that a bunch of BlizzCore are working on this ;)

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A class with sentries and teleporters

A class with cloaking ability

A class focused on explosives

A class 4 da snipurs

A class with a goddamn fucking medi-beam 


I mean there is definitely some new stuff but damn, really? Some serious tf2 up in here.


Looks fun though

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I'm not so into it.  It looks like a mess.  Sci-fi characters in the 1940s illustration style of TF2 (many of whom don't look great next to each other in the first place), abilities look way too OP/ridiculous (reaper "KILL EVERYTHING" mode, sniper/titsass wallhacks), also the cinematic crew doesn't even know what to do with the art it seems.  Cinematics look like Brink, but done well + Big Hero 6, Env art looks like 1940s illustration done extremely well (holy shit those maps look beautiful), then the character art is like Monday Night Combat + more skin tight suits.


Giving FPS the Dota treatment is a super good idea though, and some heroes (Hanzo!) look fun as hell to play.  IMO, getting rid of the sci-fi element would do the game well, many characters have real cool motifs that would work well together already, but then the sci-fi stuff kind of ruins it.  It looks like they ran out of time for some characters, like the sniper, where it's just "BLUE CHICK WITH BUTT".

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Hmmm, I dunno what I think of this really. I think Blizzard have such an awesome collection of truly memorable IPs, but this feels like some kind of Heroes of the Storm collection of characters that we've just seen in Blizzard games before (bar a few new kinda characters). I just don't know how it's gonna fit into their existing stuff. I expected a little more from Blizzard rather than just jumping on the moba bandwagon again.


However, I'll sign up and I may be proven wrong :)

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People can still make Team Fortress games even if TF2, the worst Team Fortress game, exists. My only gut worry about this game is, like HotS, the F2P will be turned up to 11 and there will be some rubbish external progression system. Because putting external level values and unlockable perks on everything, especially ones that give an unfair advantage to veteran players, is something game designers seem to have decided is a good idea.

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