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Aero's Quest Online Game Live


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Hi Everybody

following up the post here: where we were announcing the BETA of the game here is a new post since the official release is live.
Just a quick recap (for the details I leave you to the old post):
Aero's Quest is a game we are developing for PC/Windows and Mac/OS X
(we'll try to get the license for consoles as well) and we decided to
make a (lot) smaller version to play for free on your browser (only
desktop/laptop, no mobile devices). The purpose of it is to show the
mechanics and the game-play of the title and to create a bit of buzz
around the game.
Obviously the bigger version will be way bigger with much more
features but I will explain better in details about the PC version in a
new post once we can show an early demo.
Here is the teaser for the browser game:


And here is where you can play the game for free:
We will keep updating the game with new rooms and new features while we will finish with the bigger development.
Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback. If you'd like more
info about the project you're more than welcome to visit the site:

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