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Gaming Sequels Would Like To See

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Well Rivals is the most recent, I didn't get to try it (my Xbox is not connected to internet since I moved in uk one year ago); I tried Most Wanted 2012 and it wasn't bad but still I didn't like the driving enough. And as you say the concept of picking up cars was odd.

I only tried the demo of the first Grid and found it a bit too stiff as well.

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Heretic 2! From all doom clones, this one had a theme, an original theme.


Jedi Knight 3! Jedi Knight series set itself aparts from all other FPS and TPS.


Star wars racer. Well, it did have a sequel for PS2 that was never ported to PC.


Parasite Eve 4! This was my second action RPG ever played. First was diablo.


Theme Hospital 2!


I played Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2 till the first boss and new power, then I quit. It's way too repetitive, plus, the blocking / attacking movements are damn slow. Just watching it on youtube is already boring.

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