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Gaming Sequels Would Like To See


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Just wondering, what kind of Gaming Sequels (that's not existed yet) you would like to see ?

I wish EA would consider the Need For Speed Undergound 3 (or what ever they gonna call it). The reason is simple, it was fun! I miss that old time.


How about you ?

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Half Fucking Life 3!!!!!!!!!

Fallout 3 (Van Buren version)

Dungeon Keeper 3 (not by EA).

Kingpin 2.

Hexen 3.

Command and Conquer (whatever version and not by EA).

Double Dragon 4, Golden Axe 4, Streets of Rage 4


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QUAKE 5! Preferably the strogg storyline, as it seemed to stick more, but Quake1's lovecraftian style could be a breath of fresh air in the stagnant pool of similarity with todays FPS themes.


on the topic of quake...


WOLFENSTEIN/QUAKE/DOOM: ENEMY TERRITORY whatever ip they use as the basis, please make it play like original ET :D


DOOM 4 is already on the way out... (im expecting beta for that at some point as well, although I can't remember why...) I preordered Wolfenstein: New Order


bring back the BURNOUT series :(


Opposing force 2 / Blue Shift 2 or whatever the variants would be to HL2, just some sort of side story line.

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Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun 2 from the original Westwood Studio (Never gonna happen.)

Command and Conquer Red Alert 4 (Even though some hated what they did with RA3, I actually enjoyed the campaigns.)

Fallout 4 (Please without the typical Bethesda clunkiness, but I guess I would play it anyways.)

Borderlands 3 (Dont know if it counts since they said they would make BL3, but the question is when.)

A new XCOM Title.

Supreme Commander 3

Saints Row 5 (In a new engine, new city and maybe some new/different characters. And without the magic stuff, it was fun the first time but it gets silly.)

L4D3 (idk if it was already confirmed so...)


ehm... yep.

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