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STRAFE® (1996)

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8 hours ago, FMPONE said:

TBH, a lot more hyped for Gibhard. D:

This art style just doesn't appeal to me.

And @Pericolos0 this morning tweeted the trailer… wrong thing to see first thing you wake up, the thumb on the lockscreen made me think was actually Gibhard!

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56 minutes ago, dux said:

Steam reviews for it are savage :o 

can you confirm?

I read something about enemies running in straight lines towards you therefore running backwards is the best strategy. :?

tbh, I just want to finally play Gibhard. LUL

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I can't really get into this =(

The exploration and atmosphere side of the Quakes feel lost in the proc. generated levels, even though they use a somewhat half-authored system. There just isn't enough to break up the pacing of the level, or to draw you into any sort of atmosphere. Most of the level experience is just kiting baddies endlessly, with not much variety. It just kinda gets old fast. I found the enemy design to be a little stale too but maybe it gets better?

But for what it's worth it controls pretty well and movement is fluid, plus the music is pretty great. A level editor for this would be amazing so we could have some more heavily authored level packs, because the core mechanics are generally pretty good! Still really excited for Gibhard!

Edited by nikkoship

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