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dumping some progress, i should have playable version soon  

so i finally started working on my map, have this little piece so far      

some wips  

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Is that patch work for the vaulted ceilings or did you import it as a model?


its patches, i always did everything right in the radiant.


i recently started learning blender, and importing game assets to unreal engine and mostly had problems with unwrapping, baking, lightmaps etc. and what experienced people model for 30-60 minutes im making whole day :D . i dont have really much time to learn this for quake 3.

i had some design that will be better or need model making but i probably pass it and try to do everything in radiant. hope i finish the map in time and somehow optimized.

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thanks guys, by the way isnt hunkmegs set higher in console? other people would need to increase it too and that doesnt much ok i think.


I have old computer, but its builded good so it runs new AAA games, and laptop that has very bad gfx and cant even run quake live on 125fps with picmip settings or Rune (UT99 engine i think), so i will test on it too.


iam also using lot of that stonewall and rust texture combination in my gothic maps but it isnt exactly polycount friendly :D



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OK noob question, where can i get polycount for my map after rendering a cant find it anywhere :D


/r_showtris, this draws the level as polygons being rendered by Q3.
/r_speeds, this shows a readout of the number of polygons being rendered.
/r_lockpvs, this culls areas of the map outside the leaf node that you occupy at the time of enabling.
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Ok, like this:



First numbers are triangles in a single pass (like with basic textures as base_wall/concrete_dark), this is your raw triangle count.


Second numbers are triangles i several passes (when you have textures with several stages to them, like ctf/killblockctf_b, which has 4 additional stages inside the shader, because it's rotating and shit)


You should know that everything you see on the screen adds to these numbers, not just the level, you can directly deduct ~800-1000 tris, if you display your weapon, hud and the r_speeds numbers themselves that are something around ~400 tris. A letter/number is 2 triangles so.

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You should know that patches adds a lot of (dynamic cause of LOD) triangles, even if this can be modified through console commands in game, you really should treat your tri-count as if everyone were running on max settings and no special console commands or whatever.

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