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Star Wars


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No spolers below!

I just came home from watching it and got to say that I really enjoyed it!

There is close to nothing that I can complain about. JJ played it safe in a lot of aspect but I think most people will find this movie enjoyable. It really sets up the trilogy nicely.

One thing I will mention is that the effects were amazing! It really shows you how far they have come from the effects in the prequels. Sets and CG blends beautifully in this film.

I won't go inte characters or story here since it would turn into a spoiler-fest. All I can say is to go see it! :D 

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Was okay, pretty much what I expected, tho it was more crazy fan service like than I'd expected, and kinda rehash of the originals to the point where it almost was too much, but then again that's kinda what people want.

Anyway, looked and sounded good and had some funny moments. Felt like there were almost too many characters in the movie and none of them got very fleshed out (guess that's for the sequels lols)

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