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Star Wars

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20 hours ago, Vaya said:

yup I heard that too. Sucks because I bet it means they don't take risks like this again

Or maybe they decide to do a better job next time. You can't just slap the SW logo and expect people to buy (actually I heard that in China they even removed the SW tagline from the title, around when the trailer came out).

I also feel they didn't marketed this as heavily as Rogue One, like they didn't have faith in the title themselves.

I remember enjoying Rogue One but it seemed too "machined" as a movie, it was missing "that something" and there were some things that just would jump to the eye, if you get what I mean.

It seemed that creating a suite of spin-offs was the way to go for them, maybe to create parallel sagas... so I don't think they will already give up on this.

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Looks cool but...

Can 👏 we 👏 get 👏 new 👏 creative 👏 shit 👏 instead 👏 of 👏 constant 👏 self-referencing 👏 and 👏 re-hashed 👏 ideas 👏 please

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