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Star Wars

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After JJ polish.  

So, I've heard you like lightsabers ?  

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I'm not fucking with you guys. Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie since Empire. It's full of fan service and a true work of art. it also has the perfect ending. I've been smiling from start to finish. It's really that good!

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22 minutes ago, Tisky said:

The more i think about it the more i loved it, now i really want a Obi-Wan movie, what did he do during this time? 

Probably jacking off to holoporn in his cave on Tatooine. 

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6 hours ago, blackdog said:

Should I got see it? Contemplating going since we plans have changed.

I was thinking of watching all the star wars in timeline order to refresh my memory, since haven't seen those movies since I was a kid probably… (cos I got annoyed they aren't full blown sci-fi films).

Just go see it, and watch the others afterwards to see all the awesome little Easter eggs. 

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