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phantq3dm6 - Geotechnic - by Tom 'Phantazm11' Perryman

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Man, this has been a long haul. I am wrapping things up Pat, and I have to say that I'm finally glad to be at this end of the contest for sure. After a bout of stomach flu that kept me up most of last night, I finally finished almost everything that needed to be finished tonight. Just a few more little things I want to fix up tomorrow before I upload a version to test. The download will be around 50 mb :o


Until then, here is a screenshot:



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that death pit :D


you should make it so you die when you actually hit the blades though. 


a couple things:

i can shoot through the rocks

the low res strip light texture that goes up the bouncers is kinda fugly


overall really AMAZING work. can't figure out how you got all this done in such a short time! i can really feel the geo theme and i don't think it's ever been done quite like this in quake. i can't really say how i feel about the use of fencing for floors though. on the one hand, it adds so much depth and makes things look so epic. on the other hand, it creates visual confusion during navigation and has a tendency to clusterfuck the visuals a little.


best of luck in the judging. i'm sure you will do very well :)

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Very nice. Very, very nice! Totally blown away, impressive as always!


My 2 cents would be:


Im not feeling the sky connecting with the geometry. It feels disconnected.


The pit could do with some fx, It kills me, but its not obvious why. What Pat said could be the thing. Or maybe some more sound and an animated gradient effect from that central bit??? Its like a blast furnace or something right? mmm i dunno... 


Those are my 2 nit picks. Such a strong map dude, Great sound and visual work... amazing! You better believe im gonna give those textures some loving after this comp is over. These are the tech textures ive been waiting for. lol :)





PS. The clipping in this screen shot is weird, it looks like i should be able to just walk across, but i get stuck here.


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Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!

I wish I had time to fix some of the things mentioned. I've been thinking about a few of them for a while now (better skybox, fancy effects for the furnace/energy pit) but I have simply run out of time :(

It is funny, Pat, how you said it was in such a short time... ever since I finished the layout I've been putting in 3.5-4 hours every night after work and around 16+ hours each weekend. To me it felt MUCH longer and I'm really glad it is almost over. I'm kind of exhausted. I know my wife will be glad to have her husband back!

I will see what I can do about the clipping issue and the shoot-through rocks. And maybe I will try a few things concerning the pit, thought I'm afraid I might have to leave it for a post-contest release.

Thanks again for checking it out. Hopefully I will be able to load my final tonight.

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Well, this is going to have to be my final submission: 




I lowered the trigger_hurt into the pit somewhat, making it more realistic when you get slaughtered, fixed the clipping at the pipes (it may be a little high now, but at least you don't get stuck), autoclipped the rest of the rock faces, reduced the size of a few textures, and optimized the map just a bit more.


If anyone has the time, could you please check the download and make sure everything looks kosher?



Good luck to everyone!!  :)

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a couple more things:


1. the map could use another armor i think. if you draw a diagonal line through the layout, one half of the map holds the MH and the RA while the other half only has one YA and the Quad. how about putting a second YA by the "11" where the 50 health is now? that way there is something valuable there even when the quad is not around.


2. it's too dark for me and it really affects my map learning process. it's no fun to memorize a layout in the dark. what compiler settings are you using? i think an extra radiosity bounce would actually do the trick quite nicely. 


one other small thing was i thought the RL would make more sense in the pit below where it currently is now, right in front of the bouncer.

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      One of the projects I worked on after I made de_austria.

      Yeah, I know the timing is really bad (CS2!), but can't change it... 🙁

      In general a lot went wrong during this project. Had a lot of problems with the layout, but I think I found a good compromise in the end. Also learned many new things. Maybe I would even be ready to create a really good map now after all, but I think that it's gonna be the final one. I really like making maps, but it has become too time consuming over the years for just being a hobby. Unfortunately I never managed to get a job in the games industry. So that's it. I hope it's a worthy ending of 20 years of making maps for me. 🙂

      Shore is a bomb defusal map for CS:GO that takes place on Lofoten Islands, Norway. (Also have a Hostage version of this that works well imo)

      Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2955084102

      I took some inspiration from this place in Norway:


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