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What music have you listened to recently?


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Hey :)

I've been listening to loads of 'PC Music'. For those of you that don't know its super-cheesy ironic-pop, kind of like the logical extreme of vaporwave/sea-punk. It's pretty divisive but somehow very entertaining. Just bear in mind that it's meant to be 'shit pop'


Also, loads of noise music like this.

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Every now and then I remember that I quite like Ayreon as a guilty pleasure, a prog metal/synth artist. Unashamedly cheesy sci-fi lyrics, but the musicianship is often very strong and features lots of unusual instrumentation/songwriting as you'd expect from prog. There's like 20 years worth of stuff with lots of different styles between albums, but here are some random bits:




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Been on a bit of a Ratatat kick today after finding all their albums lying around. Really love their electronica, no vocals in any of their stuff if you like that kind of thing. There's a lot of retro gaming sound stuff going on in their music too. :D Their albums LP4 and Classics are great starting points if you enjoy.



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