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[Open source] 90% finished FarCry SP mission


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To keep this short: I was working on a FarCry singleplayer mission at Crytek to improve my Sandbox and general singleplayer design skills. I was shifted to the real development process at the beginning of December and haven't worked on it anymore. It's about 90% finished, but regarding the size of the mission, there is still a bit to do and I don't have the time to work on it anymore. I thought I could finish it up in my spare time, but quite frankly I don't feel like also spending my little freetime in Sandbox.

The map can be played from beginning to end but some stuff are placeholders and it could need some visual tweakings here and there.

So this is the point where it gets interesting for you guys:

I decided to make this level open-source so all the work doesn't completely go to waste. However I won't interfer with the development, I just would like to see the map get released.

So this means you can change anything you don't like about it right now and add whatever comes to your mind. Storyline, AI, terrain, objects .... go nuts.

Just add my name somewhere...unless you fuck it up completely. ;)

Here are some crappy screenshots and below some information about the map for those who are interested in giving it a shot:






















Jack and Val run out of antidote and need more to completely cure them from the mutagen. They read about the only scientist who is in hold of more antidote beside Dr. Krieger in Kriegers files. So they try to track him down on the island the scientist does his work and get in lots of trouble.

I won't go into detail, but as I mentioned you can play the map and find the rest out yourself. I know it's no oscar winning story but I promise you won't need to blow up any armories or find any keycards in this mission (if you add either of these two things I will fly to your house and kill you in your sleep). I suggest you just give it a shot and play it and then change what you don't like.

So if it was going according to my plan, here is a rundown of the things I would add/change:

- Some models of the underwater vegetation are supposed to have collision, but apparently they don't (found that out a little bit too late), replace/remove them.

- Some rocks have messed up lightmaps, maybe they look better with a full lightmaps compile, this would need to be tested.

- Research base interior needs to be beautified.

- Research base exterior needs decals and different materials.

- Add more dynamic lights in the bunker interior (so the mercs can be seen everywhere, this happens only in a couple of rooms right now).

- The lighting outdoors could be improved, it's a little too dark in some parts, too many shadows, maybe a change of the sky is required.

- Water could look nice, maybe a little darker as in "research".

- Mercs look all the same now, pick different models

- Sounds are only added in the first area at the moment

- Last camp needs a few decals as well

- Maybe the final cutscenes need a little improvement

- Add animals

- Add fog effects in the bunker (at least in the water!)


- The mission script is based on the script of the official level "swamp" (hence Val), so there might be some stuff left which isn't actually used in the level

- The working title of the level used to be "train" (hence "to train", "training" was already taken, there is also no real "train" in there ;) )

There are probably a few more things I don't remember right now, but basically that's it. Have fun and I would like to see some results soon! I know there are a couple of Farcry mappers around here. This is a MapCore exclusive so far by the way, haven't posted it elsewhere. I will try to help out if anyone has questions. May the tilde be with you!~~


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i'll complete it for you :)

i'll make some custom prefabs to place in also, make it interesting even more than it already is.

*brownie points for kedhrin*

the only problem is my farcry sound is RUINED right now, it sounds so horrible i dare not even turn it on, thats why i haven't worked on my kakariko map in a while...

gotta figure out whats going on.

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I took the screenshots already last week before I got my new computer and as I mentioned some eyecandy yet has to be added or improved. Like adding animals (adding that to the list above now), tweaking the lighting and water etc.

Oh and I just remember that some fog effects wouldn't hurt in the bunker either.

Thanks for the comments guys!

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