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CSGO Map Tournament Enquiry


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Firstly i'd like to introduce myself to the community. I currently work for one of the largest CSGO platforms and professional tournament organizers.

I am currently in the planning stage for a map making tournament to try and introduce some new maps into the competitive circuit as well as provide a platform for the map editing community to showcase their talent.


The proposed format is to allow for an extended period of time for maps to be created. We would then use selected maps in a professional tournament, taking both professional and community opinion upon selecting the top 3 or top 5 maps.

The main question still to be answered is regarding time-frame. Obviously the format for this tournament is unique and will provide us with a large period of down-time in terms of production. We had initially scheduled for 6-8 weeks of production. It's been brought to my attention that this map not be enough time, and this may have to be extended to 12 weeks. I want to ask the communities opinion on time-scale required so we can try and fit the event with our events plan and see this project through.

We have currently proposing a substantial prize pool. It'd be the wrong time to give numbers to as a figure has not yet been decided, however this is a highly publicized tournament and it should be more than enough to make the tournament worthwhile. 

I like forward to your feedback.

Best regards
Reece Fowler

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6 months would of course be much too large a time-frame to make this viable from our end. I had hoped 3 months would be enough time. As far as stopping entrants using WIP pieces, that is also something we'll have to sit down and discuss. This is new territory for us, hence the reason I wanted to reach out to the community directly.


To be competitively viable, the map would have to be a 5on5 de_ gamemode. 


I thank you for everyone's feedback so far, I'll discuss everything internally and see what can be done.

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It's not exactly a bad idea though. More people creating CS maps the more the community thrives. It's easy for great maps to be lost in the workshop.

Maybe a 24 hour gamejam to get a map to a playable state and then the organizer fund the best 3 ideas or something? I can get an idea down in hammer pretty quickly- it's the lighting/textures/props and tweaking that takes the time (I'm sure most will agree)

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Why not split the challenge in to two stages? Entrants have a month to produce a whitebox including one "dressed up" area to illustrate the visual theme they intend to use. Then the judges (hopefully including some really good competitive players) pick the top four or five maps, giving a smallish prize to each mapper, and those five mappers then spend the next 3-4 months working on visuals and tightening up layout/gameplay based on feedback from the whitebox portion of the competition? Then there's a final stage of judging and the best map of the five is the ultimate champion of the universe.


Will there be any question of ownership of the finished product? I'd like to think the mapper would retain complete ownership as with any workshop item and be free to develop the map as they see fit, but of course if this is a big organisation running the competition they may have other ideas.

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