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PC local multiplayer recommendation thread


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Hey guys,


I decided I'm not getting any of the new consoles this time around, and want steam to be my next "console". So I hooked it up to my tv and got a bunch of wireless controllers. Now I'm wondering what some good multiplayer partygames are that are available on PC. I already have some emulators installed, which is cool for classic snes games and stuff, but I'm wondering what there is on steam for this, or outside of steam. Any indie games & freeware too


Thanks! :)


Steam big picture mode is really really awesome by the way

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Yeah they're great~~ BTW a brilliant feature of Mount Your Friends is that you can import your own faces. I ended up grabbing images of 7 people last time but it was totally worth it, makes way more hilarious when it's people's actual faces that are positioned under somebody elses junk :D

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