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Handpainting practise

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And a little more progress. Still need to unify the chips in order for it to tile better. Slowly getting there though. I feel like I should move on to the leafs.

it seems like my laptop is displaying this a whole lot lighter than it is on most other devices. Will fix tomorrow

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Nice! That's a really good base. You could add some very small scale details for extra interest I think, things like decals, small grooves, panel lines etc

Cheers Minos,


Euhm I might just have hit the report button by accident.... 


What i wanted to say was if you have any references or you want to do a paintover feel free to do so.

Ive hit a bit of a wall here.

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Hello guys I have not been very active on Mapcore lately but here are some updates.
(I also got me an account on Imgur as my hosting has ended and I lost all my previous images)

I have been participating in a mentorship with Kelvin Tan in order to work on my handpainting skills.
Here is a little classroom scene I'm working on. Nothing is final and very much likely to change in the future.


And some individual assets

​Feedback appreciated :)

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