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de_manor (WIP name)


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Good day!

Here's a topic to discuss my map. Above the map worked for about six months, in slow mode.

I do not know what to call the card. Working title map "prodigy". 
However, the design and idea, you will see the mansion.

Here are a couple of new screenshots.
2Qg741eA5hI.jpgoOyGcOJa1QM.jpgkt8zxq1W9DA.jpgCmnl9LG73FU.jpgLVE_yyMsCmE.jpgI hope for adequate feedback! 
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It really looks like those promo screens from Rise ! ^^


I think there should be more details and props laying on walls and grounds. Like tools, tubes, dirt, moss,electric poles etc... Anything that could fake the feeling of a real village, more than a "video game village" ! Just my 2cents, keep it up !

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For a classic inferno/italy themed map, it's wel done. i'm just not a fan of the buidling with different colors on them, each buiding should have one strong color only.


ex : https://pp.vk.me/c619422/v619422888/16d48/_7_naXgj9Kk.jpg


green/red and green/blue ones. You can't tell if they are real buildings or if they are a mix of severals.

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The first two screenshots look excellent, when you start introducing more colors it gets a little muddled. Keep it dual tone (white +green) then introduce one very deliberate, very intentional color either via lighting or something else. Then I think you'll have an incredibly strong visual :)


(third and fourth screenshot = too many muddled, conflicting colors)

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Great Work! I am not sure about the clothes line. I think it has not the same quality than the other details. Same for the wood pile on the last screen.


Wow the layout looks interesting. Cant wait to play it.

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Small update

Basement of the still dark, gloomy. However, on this I work. I want to strike a balance between darkness and playability.

Bombplace B


CT Spawn






Сonnection (From A pass on B)


(From T spawn)


Soon there will be a beta version of the map in the workshop

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