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Shit man this must be the worst group of male video game characters that i've ever seen. Anita was right all along.   I feel excluded and violated even as a man.

Damn is this cadillacs & dinosaurs with a boysband

OK guys, here's a big confession (please don't judge): I've never played a Final Fantasy game in my life. I know FFVII is considered the biggest accomplishment of mankind since the Moon landing by many gamers but I used to be a Nintendo fanboy and never owned a PSX, so I never played it (or any of the other games in the series). All I know is that these are Japanese RPGS with characters that have funky haircuts and (sometimes) really big swords. I watched the Final Fantasy ("Spirits Within") movie but that didn't resemble anything that I've seen of the FF games. Then again every FF game looks like it has few in common with the previous one and they just keep getting weirder. Please enlighten me!

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There's a load of different worlds in the FF universe and most of the time they don't carry over to other games.. There have been a few that are linked such as Vagrant Story, FF Tactics and FF12, which all take place in the same world. So for most people, certain worlds are a lot more gripping than others. Personally, I love Ivalice, the world in the games I just mentioned. FF12 is one of my favourite final fantasy games, the combat system is really cool and was (and still is I guess!) quite innovative in that you can set of 'gambits' which are basically AI commands that can be done in a certain order and based on certain conditions (ie, if health < 50%, use heal on target). I'd recommend that one if you were to try and get into it, but you can't judge the entire series on one game because they're all so different!

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