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[Paid] X1Software is hiring


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TBA WW2 Game


 X1Software, the creators of Iron Front Liberation 1944 are hiring for another WW2 FPS, using CRYENGINE.









X1 Software


German studio that developed the tactical WW2 game Iron Front Liberation 1944, based on the Arma Engine.

Website: http://x1software.com/
Iron Front Liberation 1944 on Steam:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/91330/



Game Features


• First Person Shooter
• WW2 setting
• SP US Campaign
• Various MP modes (CTF, KotH, DM, TDM...)
• Vehicle Combat
• Tactical Gameplay





1x Gameplay Programmer
• Strong C++ skills
• Experience with Gameplay programming
• Previous CRYENGINE programming experience a plus

1x Animator
• Experienced in keyframe animation (vehicles and characters)
• Basic Rigging and Skinning knowledge
• Previous experience exporting skinned characters and animations to CRYENGINE a plus

1x Game/Level Designer
• Prototyping Game mechanics, scripting, mission design, balancing maps, weapons and vehicles
• Building levels (SP and MP)
• Previous CRYENGINE Sandbox experience a plus

1x 3D Artist
• Modeling and texturing Vehicles and Weapons
• Previous CRYENGINE experience a plus

1x Character Artist
• Modeling and texturing realistic Characters
• Previous CRYENGINE experience a plus

Please note:
All of the vacancies require some showcase of previous work



Contact Information


Email: jan.klasen@x1software.com
Company Website: http://www.x1software.net/index.php?id=52&L=4

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