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UT2 DM-Redkin


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For the past few months Ive been working on my new UT2004 map, DM-Redkin. Its somewhere around my 35th quality UT map. Its slightly based on DM-Rankin, also by me and some other things like ONP (big mod UT1 mod)

Its a medium sized DM map set in an industrial building built high in to the walls of a Nali canyon. Hot outside, relatively cool inside. 3.5 room based map. one to two floors high and entirely indoor but you can see the giant canyon outside.

I aim to make a dynamic living atmospheric world. I have more than 40 movers such as moving pumps, conveyors with crates, windows moving in the wind, dripping water stuff, sparkles crap, waterfalls and I am currently trying of adding a couple of spitfires outside, trying to shoot eachother down and shattering the windows of the level while doing so

The outside area is just for deco but it is larger than ONS terrain maps.

Next to that I also plan to have real solid gameplay, I tried to squish in everything I know and also plan to write a tutorial on that gameplay after Ive finished the map :)

98 percent of the map is selfmade, meaning except for the Van model and texture, the rock texture and a couple of crates everything, all textures, meshes, brushes etc were self made in Photoshop and 3DsMax.

Its 95 percent done, release likely next week and is currently in beta test phase

Other stuff on http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx

HQ Pics :


WorkInProgres Pics :

http://www.gamedesign.be/Hourences/work ... redwip.htm

(sorry for long load times, I hate to ruin my pics with too much compression :P)



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Lovely work. If it's based on Rankin i bet the gameplay's good. Anyway, i think it's looking really interesting, every detail makes sense. You made this detailed and for a change (after seeing all the prop-packed hl2 maps) it doesn't seem bad. Anyway, i hope there's a big enough role for the large canyon, because that is, to me, the most interesting part. Nice work.

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I just find it too busy

In the sense that I cant focus on the flow if you know what i mean. I think it has to doo with the lighting but I can't put my finger on it. I'm also not a UT2k4 players so my remarks may not be the best criticism.

I play UT on a regular base, and busy enviroments are no problem, they're all over the game :)

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I agree with Ferret a bit. I find the lighting to be a bit unfocused for my tastes - too many fixtures everywhere, pumping light throughout the entire scene. The lighting doesn't really provide any direction it seems, it's just there to make the level and players visible. Irregardless, I still like it, all of the red brick contrasts well with the green jungle outside and the sky. :)

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