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Games W.I.P Thread

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oh man, that looks real fun!  Any plans for iOS right now?


Right now we don't have a Mac nor an ios dev account but as we want to spread the game all over the world, we'll probably work on it.  ;)


But first, we need colors!



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Hey hey hey


We finally have some colors in the game! And of course, we can change them as we want, so share your thoughts if you have any suggestions. 










We also have a new menu.





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Friend suggested I would post this here:




43t.jpg 42t.jpg

From Earth is a science fiction first person game where the player, taking on the role of Zenaida Liu, lands on an alien planet that has never been visited by humans before. Pursued by the planet's government, she must find her partner Anthony Yaremov and continue her mission. With little resources of their own, they have to rely on alien technology and their communication skills to survive.

The player has two options. Either she can fight her way through, attracting the ire of the alien government, or she can try and seek a peaceful resolution. Whichever path she chooses, she will have to learn as much as possible about the alien technology and its creators if she wants to survive.

There has been a big focus on developing the interaction system, which allows the player to communicate with the aliens, including learning their language. The development team has spent a lot of time working on the alien AI, trying to make them feel alive. The player also has climbing abilities, which can come in useful if the player needs to run away from a fight. But if the player no longer feels like running away, she can always fight back.

From Earth is being developed by a very small team of dedicated and long time Source Engine modders.

You can read more at: http://hlssmod.net/

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Hey, we are launching a week of test on monday for Ultraflow to get some feedback from players to polish the levels that we have right now (and we have some analytics). All the levels are not done yet and the procedural mode neither but we want to polish what we have as we will release the game pretty soon. 


So, Android people, if you want to try the game and help us a bit, send me a MP and i'll give you an access to the build. 

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We have been quiet for quite some time now and we have been saving up for a good ol' post with lots of pictures.
Art overload!
The arena has gone through a lot of changes in terms of lighting as seen in the picture below. Currently the readability of the game has been decresed but this is something we will fix shortly, ending up with a much prettier game with a strong readability. As seen the magma shader have been reworked again, this time not because we weren't happy with the visual results but a technical restriction of Unreal Engine 4 which is to be implemented at a later stage, we noticed the last shader sadly caused the game to crash.
There have always been plans for the decorations of the level and it is not until now the artists have been going at it with continous focus. There are still more things to come and adjustments to make but here is the first take.
Except for changes in decoration we have also rehauled some of the spell effects, for one; the Fireball! 
Anders have been trying out additional body types for the Acolytes and here are the results!<br>
The menus have also been rehauled, just look at it! The first picture is of the lobby, currently each player will show up in a corresponding spot and in the future this will be a place to show off all the fantastic (cosmetic) equipment you have!
The main menu is so far very basic and currently you can browse online servers, host and join. In the future we aim to have a statistics tab, a leaderboard and other kinds of cool functionality.
The programmers have been working long and hard on a great deal of things such as making and fixing bugs. Jokes aside, they did make some great work, for one they have started implementing the Spell Shop that appears in between each match round. They also finished (for the time being) working on the Server Lists along with the Host and Join functions. What's missing now is the so called Master Server where we handle all players wanting to login to the game, yes that means you'll all have logins! (No, that does't mean it won't be seamlessly integrated with Steam.)
What's more?
Meeting-wise it has been calmer than prior weeks as we have focused hard on the production but most likely that will change once we got the MVP (minimum viable product) up and running. We are still in a wild discussion about Free-2-Play versus Pay-2-Play business model for the game as well as whether we should aim to get an investor or publisher for the game (not the company, we aim to always stay independent.)
Next friday we will be revealing something really big. Biggest reveal yet for sure! Stay tuned, stay magical!
Wanna join in for testing some time? Just post here or send a PM! :)
/ Stefan
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