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Hell weapon variations of older guns are mostly just slightly different characteristics. Side grades essentially. However there is one thing that does make farming hell weapons valuable. I plan to have special super rare dual wielding versions of all the hell weapons. Dual wield weapons will be a lot more powerful to say the least.

With that said you will also see that I am starting to now add some of the completely new weapon types. The crossbow will take the shotgun slot and is heavily inspired by the Heretic crossbow. The wands are pistol slot weapons that will fire piercing projectiles that do AOE damage.

Stay tuned as there is more to come!


Revulsion already had something like 25 guns in Episode 1 but its already looking like Episode 2 will more than double the total guns. Also you may notice that there are melee weapons in the list. Each melee weapon will fire ranged projectiles. in some fashion. This is very much in the style of Heretic and Hexen. Also keep in mind that many of the weapons will have super rare dual wield variations.

The one advantage that the melee weapons will have is that they wont become worthless if you run out of ammo like the other guns.

The gauntlets will fire like shotguns. Even though you see one gauntlet you have two of them on screen. The death orb may look simple but its more or less like Zenyatta's left click.

There are still a few more weapon types that I want to add to the game. After that I will begin on monsters.

So one of the things about the monsters that I think I want to really define. I want them to get bigger and more deadly in general. I want the hell beast to be the new average sized enemy.

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wrapping up my environment polish and lighting rework pass, and getting ready to announce this very soon!   Here's a bunch of preview screenshots:    I should probably do some

Video test!   http://i.imgur.com/VJRq4fA.gifv   GIFV's are cool, thrik should implement them into the forums ;D

I made GI     A lot of work has been happening on this, I'm working up to a big announcement

Posted Images

Revulsion Episode 2 progress, new Monsters, new weapons, more info!


These guys are void bombers. Void bombers are super nasty fast moving mobs that have nasty volley attacks. They can jump high into the air then rain down explosive attacks from above. These enemy's pack a punch and they can reach you even in hard to get to areas.


This guy is called a Gelatinous. It might be kind of difficult to see what these guys will look like in game. These guys are more like environmental dangers. In the center of a Gelatinous is its eye which will always be watching you as you get near them. These large slime cubes do not attack directly but they do move in predictable patterns. If you come in contact with one of these it will burn through your health like acid. If you destroy the eye in the center then the cube will die

There is a lava variation of these cubes as well and those will mostly behave the same way except the eye will actually attack you by lobbing fireballs at you.

If used cleverly these enemies can be used as a way to navigate spaces in interesting ways.


The deathbow is the higher quality variation of the crossbow.


A pickaxe that does increased damage against environmental objects. Some locations in episode 2 will have locations that require you to dig to find secrets and shortcuts. Having one of these can come in handy for that.


A standard Rivet gun to pierce through enemy armor.


A seemingly useless wooden sword. Its possible that if you leave this sword in a specific location you will be able to obtain the mighty rune sword.


A flame thrower is an effective AOE weapon for large groups of enemies at close range.

So my general thoughts on episode 2 is that I may almost entirely phase out the small enemy types completely. The enemy types you will face will get bigger and more complex. So far the enemy types that I have planned around are

  • Void Bomber
    Shown above
  • Gelatinous (Acid and lava)
    Shown above
  • Death reaper
    A large cultist in a hood who can summon spinning scythes in the air around him that you have to dodge.
  • Hell Wraith
    A large cultist in a hood who rushes at you with a gigantic warhammer.
  • Abomination
    Very large, very fat, carries two very large weapons that fire like crazy.

I may still be ready to add more, but these are the main enemy types I have in mind so far.

As far as weapons, Episode 2 is poised to way more than double the total possible weapons you can obtain in the game. I also plan to have new armor types as well. Once I get the base enemy type models setup I will be able to begin building the new levels.

A direct link to Revulsion game on Steam early access.

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I was thinking the same thing!


EDIT : What is the deal for that anyways? Do you just make a thread in the 3D forum for now. I wonder if a game blog forum makes sense. I guess the downside is it could spammed up real bad if people don't keep an eye on it. 

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The main reason I was going to suggest a thread is that over time it becomes like a history of the games development. It's cool to look back at the original post and see how far you've come :)

Totally cool to keep posting here though. It wasn't meant to be a complaint or anything. 

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8 hours ago, AlexM said:

The main reason I was going to suggest a thread is that over time it becomes like a history of the games development. It's cool to look back at the original post and see how far you've come :)

Totally cool to keep posting here though. It wasn't meant to be a complaint or anything. 

I will update the thread move the content from here to there. I forgot about the old thread its pretty crazy.

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Now that my wee runner, Jack B. Nimble is finished (should be live soon - I'll post here when it is), I've been working on something else.

Here's some early progress:

...if anyone was interested, the shooter I was posting about a couple months back is kinda on hold for now. Making something a little more achievable with my limited time :)

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I've been working a lot on developing a stealth game in UE4 lately. The idea is to create a playable level for it as fast as I've got enough features for it so that it can spice up my portfolio a bit.

Here's some WIP gifs of some of the features that I got going so far: 

Enemies have a patrol route they can break if they see someone hostile like the player. Running out of their field of view causes them to hunt after you.  (Also the weapon you have is kind of like the sleeping dart gun from Metal Gear Solid)  

Shooting enemies makes them look around for what could've "stung" them. Bodyshots causes them to fall asleep after 12 seconds, while headshots make them fall asleep right away. 

And you can't have a stealth game without some good ol' body hiding. :D 
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