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Games W.I.P Thread

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Figured I could post this here. I haven't worked on this for a while, kinda lost my motivation, and I learned everything I could.

There's a solo, coop and versus mode, 4 monsters, 2 characters, 9 spells, 2 maps. A level editor is available, soundscapes ala Source Engine with DSP, localization files, fuck I can't remember most features.

I had trouble making maps, the maps I made were either not fun to play on, or not interesting enough.

Not only that but I got my sounds from several games (= copyrighted) so I can't put it on greenlight either.

There isn't much needed to finish it, make a few icons, maps, etc, but especially redo most sounds.


It's fully playable, available here http://klemss.baticle.com/book/?page=pp My highscore is around 750000.

Yes, I removed the numbers showing up on the screen since then.

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Got some new stuff in, the sprint animation is bad so I need to change that :v

I was reviewing old posts and looking all those guys behind the ball and I just couldn't stop thinking some of them will fall (or will be pushed) off the terrain. Could that be an option?

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Big update to my Project stray first person shooter. Game play footage and I go into some detail about the major road blocks for blueprint based game design. SHit be reaal.


I am getting close to a point where I need to figure out an easy to do art style that looks interesting/decent. Any advice on this front would be awesome.



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That blue explosion effect is amaze :) haven't been fidling much with .inis or keybinding yet, I know it's nice to have, but why are you focusing so much on this so early?


I am following a different method of game design where the game itself is not the goal. I know it sounds strange but my goal with this game is to get the core loop of game play in place then get servers up and make videos and do twitch streams of development and game play. The development and game play of the game is the spectacle and making it playable and fun asap adds to that.


I have the design of the game already planned out but its end game is entirely different from most projects. So getting key bindings, options menu and anything that makes the core loop of the game feel as finished as possible is what best compliments my plan.

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