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Games W.I.P Thread

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Have not forgotten the core. Still getting setup in my new home.

It will be more difficult to talk about Warframe related stuff vs my own personal projects but its not impossible. I'll do what I can to keep in touch. :)

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Been working on a vr demo for a while and presented it last Saturday at a local gaming event. Will do some more work on it based on the feedback and hopefully that post it online as well.


Also worst demo name EU :D

I put together a small demo (it is VR exclusive): 



Gameplay video found online: 



HMD and a controller are not optional!

Left stick to move the character,
Right Stick to move the torch,
A (bottom face button) to jump,
Y (top face button) to leave a Mark,
B (right face button) to warp to said Mark,
X (left face button) to enter game in the Menu level,
Home on keyboard to restart level,
End on keyboard to go to Menu level.

Download is available at the Oculus Share app page:


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So today I will begin working on a Quake 1 blueprint example template. I have the project prepped up in UE4 now and will document the process and release the blueprint for free.

I will also release the RPG template I have been working on in the same manner. More info soon.


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Weapons: Sledgehammer, Akimbo, Cannon, Shaft, Ripper, Tommy Gun, Minigun, Laser Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Flak Cannon, Shotgun, Boomstick, Auto Shotgun, Bio Rifle, Devastator, Railgun, Flamethrower.

Ammo: Balls of Steel, Electricity, Blades, Bullets, Cells, Rockets, Scrap, Shells, Ooze, Slugs, Bolts, Gasoline

We have a few more weapons, but I think we will need to kick those over to a DLC, cause we are getting too many weapons now =D

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