Requirements: Unreal Tournament, UE4 license   Our engine poll clearly demonstrated an interest in Source and UE4 challenges. Since most of our community comes from a BSP background we can imagine that many will be reluctant to build something in UE4. That’s why we’ve come up with the UE4 Whitebox Challenge. You are free to use a modeling program but layouts can still be done with good old brush work. So there’s no excuse now!   In short: Mapcore challenges you to create a UE4 whitebox level.   As you might know the base game of the new Unreal Tournament has been released and it's playable in multiplayer. Everyone with a current UE4 license can develop content for this game.   Your level should only feature basic geometry without textures and must be playable online. Your focus is to create a level that's fun to play without worrying about the visuals. You are free to decide how you are going to do that. Pick your game mode, add whatever you like to make sure that people enjoy playing against each other. Whitebox levels should contain minimal detail but this shouldn’t limit you if you want to go crazy.   This challenge will run from 01-09-14 to 28-09-14. The goal of this challenge is not to win prizes but to get familiar with UE4. We encourage you to submit your map on the Unreal site so that if your work is good enough, you might have a chance that it gets picked up.   We highly encourage everyone participating to open your own WIP thread in the 3D forum.   Unreal Tournament Website: Unreal Tournament Forums: Unreal Tournament Wiki: Mapcore UE4 Whitebox Challenge Submissions thread: