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The Universim (god game)


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After seeing the widespread disappointment with Godus, my hopes of anything resembling a worthy sequel to the magnificent Black & White 2 were dashed. While seeing if any other god games are on the horizon I came across The Universim, which I have to say has one sensational trailer:



It's not just the trailer though, the game really does sound splendid after reading through its official site. I'm delighted that the funding was a runaway success, now I can only hope the actual game comes close to living up to its potential.


Seriously, just give me a god damn god/simulation game that isn't a massive let-down for a change. :sad:

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I clicked hopefully but I'm regrettably not feeling this. I think the closest we are going to get to that authentic 90's god game feeling is War for the Overworld. Which is a spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper. I of course realize that the latter was more of an RTS/God Game hybrid but still, I don't think we're going to get anything that's closer. 

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