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Hey guys,


I haven't posted much on the forums here but still would like to start a discussion about 1080p, especially with the next gen consoles in mind.


First, I would like to say that games don't need 1080p. This is because I would much rather have a solid 60 fps for better gameplay. If they also need to drop the resolution to add in some more gameplay mechanics, that's just as good. 1080p is just an addition if they have the power for it. People are saying the xbox sucks compared to the ps4 because it doesn't have as much power to output at 1080p. This is the lamest thing I have ever heard. A lot of people today review a game initially based off of it's visual quality witch is stupid.


So what would you like to have in a game? Better gameplay or better graphics.

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gameplay ... so a solid consistent frame rate, obviously the frame rate itself depends on the game in question, but tbh you can't go wrong with at least 60 fps in any game. Alternatively an option to switch to 30fps and increase resolution/fidelity might be something to consider, again depending on the game in question. 

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For me gameplay should always come over graphics.


As a PC gamer this is not a problem for me since I have an awesome PC. I get all the good games with top notch graphics.


I don't think it's too lame that people bash the XBOne. I think the reason a lot of people are saying the Xbox One sucks is because it's meant to be a next-gen console and people expect next-gen graphics to go along with that. Since the competition (PS4) can generally pump out these games at 1080p then people are getting a little disappointed when the XBOne falls short.

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The current complains are around not because of games "being shitty", but because of what it was expected from "next gen" consoles… which personally I find completely justified! You put out a console on the verge of this TV generation, when the talk starts to be 4k… and you put out machines that cannot guarantee full HD off the box? It's very disappointing.

Then of course you want gameplay and fluidity at the expense of some graphic goodness, but there's not surprising finding.

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Resolution is important. For the OR consumer version you are probably looking at 1440p at 90 fps and that actualy will be very important to allow proper gameplay in the first place. Consoles will not even stand a chance to play a role in that market. Times are changing. 5 years from now we will talk about 4k for PC gaming and the discrepancy between console and PC level gfx will be larger then ever before. Xbone and PS4 are not future proof. I think that's the biggest issue.

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I dont care about 4k, but as next gen consoles they should at least be on the same level with current pcs, but they arent.

1080p is a must with everyone having native 1080p tv´s.


I read that 4k doesnt add much more to the overall quality(you need less AA), but it cuts the frames by 50%. So its not worth it.

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All artists who vote gameplay are lying :P


But seriously I haven't actually met many artists that think gameplay over graphics, a lot of designers rather depressingly also follow that idea.


I know what you mean, but I'm one of those gameplay > graphics people and I'm an artist. I like to get involved more in the design side of things where possible, I wish I could do a bit more of it to be honest.


An example is Gangbeasts which we've been playing at work. Fantastic gameplay, but the art assets are still really basic. Yet I'd much rather play that than anything else!


But, obviously, a nice art style definitely doesn't hurt :)

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I think 1080p should be an absolute requirement, and if developers want to get better graphics in without sacrificing frame rates then they should figure out how to accomplish that or forgo the extras. I don't even consider this being about graphics, I think of it as hitting a minimum deployment requirement.


1080p is simply the best resolution for cross-device quality without being a massive burden on hardware. While some say there's not that much difference between sub-1080p and 1080p, bear in mind that it's completely relative. Just like nobody in their right mind should want 640x480 on a 21-inch monitor, nobody in their right mind should want 720p on a 50-inch screen — the difference is noticeable, and it becomes dramatically more so as the screen size increases. Viewing distance is a factor too.


What happened to the days when programmers could ingeniously exploit the hardware and architecture of platforms to get visuals way beyond what people considered possible out of them? I might be wrong but it feels like there's more of a temptation to just say 'ah fuck it we'll drop the resolution or the frame rate' rather than figure out the performance bottlenecks and create magic.


In my opinion 720p is downright blurry on my 42-inch TV that I sit relatively close to. The clarity and aesthetic improvement of 1080p is immediately apparent and it makes me feel much more immersed because it looks closer to what I perceive as real (i.e. not blurry and full of jagged lines). There isn't a single style of game that wouldn't benefit from the clarity of 1080p.


The gameplay and graphics should be worked on however the developers see fit while maintaining this baseline resolution at the target frame rate.

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