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[CS:GO] cp_altro


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Been working on this for a while, it's a capture point map. Not quite done, there's still the little things like capture point signs (There's no C decal!) and soundscapes. Movement needs to be smoothed out a lot in some areas too.


It's pretty experimental since there was no good basis to design my map around but the almost symmetrical layout should mean it's okay.




I'd love for any feedback you have.


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We were play-testing this on Mapcore Event. It was awesome, I'll admit! Everyone seemed to enjoy it. The only problem i found was that the T and CT spawns were too close to each-other. It feels as if it's too easy to Negev rush it.


I think making spawns farther away would make it harder but more rewarding!


Also, some players complained the map was too cramped. Or so to say.. Tight.

These are some issues that might need to face-lift the map, and i believe would be hard to do, but if you would, that would be awesome!

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