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Do you enjoy your job in the games industry?

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I guess the saddest thing from all this is that I no longer have the motivation to work on levels in my spare time and I often question whether there is much of a future for me in the industry.




that sounds like you're burning out, you should take a break and relax dude.


I just played overgrown and it's fucking awesome, you should keep doing what you do, there definitely is a future for you in the industry.

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If you find your job is not fulfilling enough you can try to pursue other interests in your free time, preferably things that have nothing to do with gaming and that you are passionate about. We have

I remember the day I quite my job at the movie theater. The boss was like "get on the floor and scrub under the popcorn machine" and I had already clocked out and it was super late. He was being such

Working in the games industry:  

If you find your job is not fulfilling enough you can try to pursue other interests in your free time, preferably things that have nothing to do with gaming and that you are passionate about. We have to remember that our media is very multidisciplinary by nature and you can't level up as an artist or designer if your only source of information/art is art station and polycount. You need to read books, you need to watch weird shit, you need to go out and observe the world around you.


A while ago my skill level was reaching a plateau and I had no idea why. I would go home, start big projects and never go anywhere because making big projects, well, require huge amounts of energy. Then I'd get demotivated because I wasn't leveling up nor finishing anything, that feeling kept feeding on itself and at some point I just quit trying to make any environment art at home. At that time, I moved teams to a completely different project and art pipeline. It was pretty challenging but it forced me to go back into "research" mode at home which paid off insanely well. During that time I learned Zbrush properly, PBR, UE4, started drawing again, read a lot about arts, science, history etc.. I also reflected on what's my main motivation to be here and came to the conclusion that it wasn't GAMES themselves but creating immersive worlds. That's my real passion and what I always wanted to do. Games are currently the most accessible media for that since you can build stuff quickly and walk around your creations, but to me games are not the "end game" for my career but rather a means to an end.


I'm extremely lucky to have the chance to work in a company that enables me to grow constantly so it's easier for me to "level up" during the day than it would be if I was making crappy IOS games or whatever. However, if that's not the case for you, you have to start challenging yourself since you are the only one responsible for your life. It's easy to get into grumpy mode and start blaming the company, the boss or the game for doing half-assed work, but you should really only blame yourself if that happens to you. I did this before when working on Nintendo DS games and will never do it again. You have the chance to work on fucking games instead of cleaning toilets so use that in favor of your own growth and not against it. 


What I'm trying to say is, if you are deluded with the games industry maybe the problem is not the industry itself but the way you think about your career and future. Maybe all you have to do is to realign your priorities. Maybe not. Only you can tell. :)


By the way, this is not directed at anyone, I'm just putting into words what I think was doing wrong and what I think I'm doing right :)



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I think it's good to have a good moan every once and a while :) 


@Minos, interesting read, cheers man! Totally agree on finding other stuff in life. Does make me wonder what you guys have been working on for the past however many years you've been at Blizzard! 

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Beware Kokoz, the grass is always greener on the other side. The stories I've heard and some of the experiences I've had from iOS and general indie development have left me a less rose tinted impression of that part of the industry.


But I think that's true about every type of job or industry - everyone has their own problems, and you'll have to wager which problems are easier or harder for you personally to solve. Something that is soul crushing to you may not be so to another, etc.. I guess if nothing else works out in neither part of what you love to do, you can always just go solo and attempt to try your own hand at your passion.

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I saw all of my co-workers full of enthusiasm slowly breaking up, spending their day moaning a bit more and trying to leave the boat to more interesting teams within the studio or desperately working on making unique assets, turned up I ended alone to finish placing vegetation in my shiny armour (until the intern arrived). And that's the thing, they were right, because this inevitable dose of repetitive work is the real mind killer.


Regardless of what industry you work in, interns are always fucked!

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