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What the hell are you saying man? lmao, some of the best games I've played, ever, were made by Kojima.   If it's not your cup of tea, sure, just say so. But that's utterly not true.

lol   http://www.gamespot.com/videos/new-silent-hills-demo-scare-compilation/2300-6420828/

Konami is off the god damned rails right now. I'm just thankful that Metal Gear Solid 5 is too far done to be cancelled.

Downpour was very beautiful. The story was pretty good as well but the monsters were just boring humanoid black ink things and they all did the same attacks and movements so it got very repetitive.


Yeah I saw some pictures of the monsters, at least Homecoming had some decent attempts like Siam, Vatra didn't even try!

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I was waiting for some quality time with my wife so I could let her play this. I didn't explain anything nor did I play it myself. We went in blank except that I told here nothing about it being Silent Hills or horror. It didn't take long before she handed me the controller. I, Mr. Horror himself, took it from here and went about my business as usual. Fearless as always. However, this teaser hits the right notes and stays away from cliches. As things progressed I genuinely started to feel uneasy. My wife crept closer and closer and for the first time in ages something managed to startle me. I was actually swearing. I love that feeling and it's something I seldom find even though I'm constantly looking for it. I would pay top dollar for that rush. So Hideo and Guillermo, you've gotten yourself a day 1 purchase right here. 

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