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I think this is one of the first games I'm actually in favor of the destruction, at least it's not just stuck on as a marketing gimmick. All that seems left to do with Rainbow Six is adding more dynam

It is slow paced like the old R6/Swat 4 games, except now players have more choice in their playstyle. I was able to charge in all I wanted in Swat 4/R6. Sometimes it was a good tactic depending on th

http://blip.tv/originalgamer/leaked-rainbow-six-siege-alpha-video-7178243   Edit: New trailer.:      Also some gameplay: 

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After a few days of playing this. I kinda have mixed feelings about this game. I mean from all the features the game has, it is like the most awesome close quarters combat game ever.

I wish this game had dedicated servers. I feel like I'm always in a disadvantage against players with a shitty connection because they can just run into me and knife me and never see I'm putting a shot with my shotgun to their face because the whole thing took less than half a second. It just always forces every fight for people to inch away slowly from the corners because any quick action would never work since the other players would see you run out of the corner before your camera ever even sees around it.

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It doesn't have dedicated servers? I thought they were bigging this game up as a big competitive game? How can you have a competitive game without dedi servers?!

Well... it's Ubisoft. This is pretty competitive compared to FC, AC and just about any other title they've ever made :P 

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