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Mad Max: Fury Road

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I have been thinking this movie is wrong since the first trailer, seems like Max spends most of the time chained to a pole  :v


but then today got linked to an article that describes it like this: "Ready for the movie that will break all the charts around the world? Fury Road is a masterpiece of action set in the desert of the lost land, where Mad Max is blinded by the fury heroin, Charlize Theron is de-sexualized that leads the revolt of the women and saves the world from the bullying 1% of the population constituted by the riches"

(sorry, i'm just translating on the go from italian)


just makes me think that my impressions were even underestimating it at it should be much worse  :sad:

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I just went to see it a second time and it rules even more on 2nd viewing

Yeah really enjoyed it too, although I need to see it again to really appreciate it, shit was a sensory overload I no doubt missed a lot.

I don't trust reviews. (well I don't ever read them for movies really, if not after)

I mean, Sin City on Metacritic is 74 while my personal evaluation is 5 and just for the visuals, otherwise would have been a 4. So Mad Max is at 87 with just 1/4 of the reviews, it will probably settle with more reviews, I don't expect a movie that is just more than sufficient.


Deffo not paying to see this in a cinema.

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Was pretty amazing, definitely lived up to my expectations~~absolutely spectacular and crazy action


One thing tho, pretty weird that pretty much every line that Tom Hardy had after the intro was mumbled even though it was clearly dubbed, not that he had that many lines :)

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